Sunday, 2 November 2008

Jessica Gomes does Star Photo...again?

Getting a tan: Jessica soaks in the
Hawaiian sun

It looks like Korean men can't get enough of the voluptuous Jessica Gomes.

The 23-year-old model from Australia is being featured again on SK Telecom's Star Photo! That's because her September Star Photo pics received fantastic response from the public.

Now, a different set of pics is available for download under the Don't Touch theme. (Sorry guys, downloads are only available for South Korea's SK Telecom). The photos were taken in Hawaii (from Aug 27 to Sept 3).

Beach bunny: + sun + sea + sand = paradise :-)

It's a jungle out there: Jessica gets in touch with her wilder side

The model of Portuguese-Chinese descent has modeled for Victoria Secret and DKNY. She is also in LG Electronics and Hyundai Motor adverts.

The 176cm tall beauty appeared in the teaser campaign for Korean singer Tei's 5th album in Oct 2008.

Room with a view: The neighbours are a
lucky bunch

Bored: What's a girl to do without cable TV?

Apart from that, a program on her entitled My Name is Jessica Gomes was aired over the On Style network in Oct as well.

Will Jessica, like Jamilya get her 5 minutes of fame in South Korea, or is she in for the long haul?

Sources: Hankooki & Star Photo

Korean singer Tei and Jessica Gomes kiss


iRAIN said...

I love her body! It's just right, not too skinny, healthy, and SEXY!

h said...

Yeah...what the heck happened to Jamilla?

Pretty said...

Jessica Gomes is most well-known for her Sports Illustrated swimsuit photos, early this year!


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