Monday, 10 November 2008

Fashion 70s (2005)

Korean title: 패션 70s
: 28

: Lee Jae-gyoo & Lee Jeong-hyo

Costime Designer
: Ji Choon-hee

What's popping:

A tale told in the 1950s - 1970s where two girls exchanged parentage. During the Korean war, rich girl Ko Joon Hee (Lee Yo Won) is separated from her father. After sharing difficult times with a young friend and 'elder sister' Lee Kang Hee (Kim Min Seong) during war times they develop a sisterly bond.

However, because of the circumstances at war, both girls were separated and Kang Hee was adopted by Ko Joon Hee's father, who thinks that his real daughter is dead. Mr Ko is the owner of a huge textile business and the former Kang Hee grew up as Joon Hee in the lap of luxury.

The first 3 episodes of this drama shows
footage back in the 50s during war times

By a twist of fate, the real Ko Joon Hee was adopted by Kang Hee's criminal charged and poverty stricken mother. They both spent the post war times on the secluded island of Manggol. The real Ko Joon Hee is now called Han Duh Mi and lives a simple life.

Will the real Ko Joon Hee please stand up!
Han Duh Mi (left) and the now, Ko Joon Hee

Two other characters in the drama are Kim Dong Yeong (Joo Jin Moo) and mischievous Chang Bin (Cheon Jeong Myeong). The former is the filial son of the Defense Minister while the later is the son of fashion designer Chang Bong-Sil (Lee Hye-yeong).

Leading men: Chang Bin and Kim Dong Yeong

The lives of these four crosses paths during war times when they were just young kids, up till when they grow up in the 70s. A tale of love, deceit, ambition and politics unfurl.

What i liked about this particular drama is that each of the characters (and that goes beyond the extend of the four main characters) are well elaborated. You do not feel as if the story revolves around the main character. You feel for poor rich girl Ko Joon Hee, who now wears designer clothes and lives a life any woman would desire, but has lost her very own identity, as she assumes the name of another. You feel for Chang Bong Sil, a mother who struggles to put her son above her passion and love for fashion.

Madam Chang Bong Sil longs for the
and respect of her only son Chang Bin

I also enjoyed the performance of Lee Hye-yeong who plays designer Chang Bong Sil who runs a fashion academy called Ensemble. Her quirky accent and short curly hairdo added to the 70s era. Another plus point is the clothes and 70s feel of this drama is really refreshing and almost good enough reason for you to pick this one up.

Love the clothes and the nostalgic feel of the drama!

The plot:

Rich girl & poor girl exchange lives. Both end up studying at a fashion academy, both vying for the love and affection of one man. One tries to find her true identity while the other tries to hide the truth.


Anonymous said...

i loved this drama! <3

MiShi_Ka said...

Hi everybody...since you dont have an entry for 11 nov yet, i'm going to do a shoutout to you here...HAPPY PEPERO DAY!! I don't have any pepero's to give to you coz there's no lotte mart/korean mart near I stay but I think our local 'Rocky' can do the trick...also on this same day back last year, I was in Seoul I miss it...will talk to you guys on facebook tonight! Happy Pepero Day again! Kimchi hugs all around**

marianne said...

i loved watching this drama. the clothes, the scenery and Joo Jin-moo!

Orchid said...

hi MiShi_Ka, thanks for being the very first to wish us Happy Pepero Day!!! See you on Facebook!

Empress said...

I love the song Ga Seum Ah Pa Do. According to the net it's from this show. Haven't seen the show. Looks good.

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