Sunday, 9 November 2008

TVXQ’s Vacation: Eternal (2007)

Korean title: 이터널 (I-teo-neol)

What’s popping:

Tie warp alert! Micky Yoochun enters a twilight zone of his own as he returns to the little seaside town he spent a part of his childhood in.

It’s a journey of self-discovery for Micky, who is tired of living the life of a popular star.

Feeling depressed and hemmed in, he is reminded of a childhood promise/wish by a very close friend that indirectly (or directly, if you wish) made him who he is today.

Micky “returns” to 1994 and meets himself as a boy. He then relives an incident in the past that brings back memories of the wish he made with his then best friend, Joojin. And with that, he becomes more appreciative of who he has become – depression and loss of freedom and all.

Me & Myself?: 'Dude, you walk like me!'

Micky is OK in his role, but I think the kids who portrayed young Micky (Shin Tae-hoon) and Joojin (Choi Sul-li) had more screentime than the TVXQ heartthrob himself.

Nonetheless, the gist of the story is a touching and entertaining one.

The plot:

Stretched thin while preparing for their upcoming concert, the five boys of TVXQ/ DBSK are given a break from each other for two weeks.

Their vacations see them heading out on their own (except Xiah and Max) and Eternal is Micky’s story of finding the meaning behind his fame and popularity.

This is part of a four-episode omnibus. The other episodes are Cassiopeia, Beautiful Life and The Way U Are.

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Pics credit: Vacation Official website


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