Saturday, 29 November 2008

Jung Ga-eun looks like Song Hye-kyo?

Beautiful smile: Jung Ga-eun on Star Golden Bell.
Inset: Song Hye-kyo

Do you think so? There's a slight resemblance, especially when she pulls up her hair like in the pic above.

I was watching Star Golden Bell the other day and fellow participants were commenting on how she resembles Song Hye-kyo when she smiles.

The lovely Jung Ga-eun then volunteered information about her age. She revealed that her management company was uncomfortable about her real age and asked her to lie about it. And so, she wrote 26 in her profile. The actress is actually 31.

Girl, looking like you do, you don't need to lie about your age. Down with your manager :-P.

Thirty and proud of it!: 'I'm 31.'

Jung Ga-eun has appeared in a Shinhwa MV (Do you know which one? She wears a red dress and gives Eric and Kim Dong-wan orders to assassinate someone...I think), some bit parts in dramas and a CF.

I'd like to see more of her. I think she's cute.

No more resemblance: Nope, not looking
like Song Hye-kyo here....

...or here.

Nov 30 update:

Thanks to Anonymous #3, the Shinhwa MV is identified! It's Throw My Fist.

While I totally dig the story in the MV, I can't blame anyone for not knowing Jung Ga-eun is in it since most of the shots of Miss Jung are of, chest :-P.

Watch it now!


Anonymous said...

WOW.31 and looking like that.

Anonymous said...

I thought Son Ye Jin who acted as Shim Hye-won in Summer Scent was a Song Hye-kyo lookalike in many angles.

Anonymous said...

That Shinhwa mv you're speaking of is Throw My Fist... I didn't even realise she's the one lol

Anonymous said...

I think Song Hye Kyo is prettier. But she's ok too.

Anonymous said...

Take a better look! They don't look alike or even have a little resemblance at all.. Song Hye Kyo is way prettier than her..

Liz said...

Yay. thanks Anonymous #3. Yup, Throw My Fist is the MV she was in. :-)

Orchid899 said...

I thinks she's really cute! And don't start all that SHK is prettier crap! Next thing you know, someone's getting plastic surgery because of hateful fans.

daisyj said...

I don't think they look similar.

Anonymous said...

i think song hye kyo is a lot prettier, sorry. But jung ga-eun is taller and sexier and she look okay to me.


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