Sunday, 30 November 2008

Lee Hyori does Ceci Korea

Wild night?: Girlfriend, you need new stockings

The sexy Miss Lee Hyori will be appearing in a photo spread for the Dec 2008 issue of fashion glossy Ceci Korea.

The 29-year-old singer was photographed in London, England in October during her holiday (how can it be a vacation when she's still working?).

Check out more sizzlin' hawt pics.

Eerie backlanes: Hyori is backed up against the wall by a
possessed shopping cart.

Catching forty winks?: Hyori caught sleeping
on the job :-P.


Anonymous said...

did they get copyrights from sansibury for the trolley pictures... funny if they did get sue for not asking for permission... lol

beautiful said...


Orchid said...

Check out the torn panty hose in the first pic. Now i know what to do with panty hose that rips! :-)

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

I could live without the nerd-glasses in the first one, but she is still hot after all those years!!

Anonymous said...

wth is the rubbish bin at the background?

Anonymous said...

She is so GORGEOUS! I swear, this girl never ages! Damn Her!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hyori always looks amazing! She's so awesome! Absolutely adore her on Family Outing! It's an awesome show! Gotta check it out!!!!

Anonymous said...

She's so incredibly beautiful! Hyori can rock any look!


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