Sunday, 23 November 2008

Lee Seo-jin dumps Kim Jung-eun

It's Splitsville for celebrity couple Lee Seo-jin (Yi San) and Kim Jung-eun (General Hospital 2).

Happier times: Kim Jung-eun (left) and
Lee Seo-jin

At the end of October, the 33-year-old actress received a call from Lee (35) who informed her that they are through.

According to the heartbroken actress, there wasn't so much as a hint of a problem in the relationship before the breakup.

The couple have been together since 2006 as they met while filming the drama Lovers.

Heartbroken but busy: The actress is caught on camera
leaving a hair saloon

Kim Jung-eun is currently busy with General Hospital 2 and her own music-cum-talk show Chocolate.

Source: Newsen


fizzy said...

omo na..shin cha, ya?
i am currently enjoying Lovers 2 astro AEC..
split up already??
*sob sob*

lorean said...

I stick to it kje will healed all the pain she had but I want they will going to compromise coz their we're good fave couples ever since...

janet said...

I felt sad about the news I got through out the philippines fans we are devastated with lsj but we need also to heard lsj side. not just a phono to break up kje. is it hard to a women being end up the relatioship hang that possible he must talk it personally not just like this we awed this faved couples.
We just pray for both of them that they will bach each arms.

jajo said...

I can't hold on the pain I have try now

sarah said...

I read the news last saturday after my recollection I was happy by then because I had this word to keep on.( LOVE).I really felt depressed and even to sleep and eat..their is a pain goes my heart that wound totally.
I have been patronizing this fave couple since there were in lovers all the sweeties thing I'll been there..but suddenlly full afar without things to be talk in person..I want this feeling to be healed through the word comes from lsj...he still quiet about the issue he started but the sympathy of his fans is to be gentlement we know hows he really inlove to kje.

just be pray with kje and lsj that magic moments will back.

Maggie said...

omg no! i wanted them to marry and have kids.. i'm so sad! they're like my favorite couple.... =[ please get back together!

Sheoh Yan said...

Feel shocked with this break up news

Sheoh Yan said...

Feel shocked with this break up news

Orchid said...

Sheoh Yan, wah i didn't know you keep up with all these Korean celeb gossip. ;-) great to hear from you!!!

Ellie said...

Sooooo..... sad. Relationships ups & down. Work out a solution, patch up and get back together. What a waste. The make a beautiful couple!

jocelyn said...

I read somewhere that the break-up was partly at the suggestion of Lee's mom. KJE should not look back anymore. If a parent can come in between a relationship, then the man does not love the woman enough to forego all difficulties and stick to his true love.


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