Thursday, 6 November 2008

Rachel Hans shoes and bags

In this picture:
Side pocket tote (119,000 KRW)

Gradient Gabosi platforms (99,000 KRW)

Most of you would know Han Chae Young (28) as an actress and model. She was just given a role in the Korean adaptation of Boys over Flowers recently. Maybe it is because the director knows her and has worked with her before. In Boys over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango) Chae Young will work with director Jeon Ki-sang again. He is the same director who directed 2005's Delightful Girl Chun-hyang which made her into a star.

Nicknamed "Barbie doll" Han Chae Young isn't only an actress, i found out that she has a bags and shoes line in Korea called "Rachel Hans". The prices are affordable and items look very wearable and trendy.

This one is for all you fashionistas who love shoes and bags. Koreans can shop for Rachel Hans online. Check out the Rachel Hans collection by designer Ji Na Kim.

In this image:
Lichray shoulder bag (47,900 KRW)

Detail basic pumps (87,000 KRW)

RH2112 shoulder bag - also comes in tan (49,000 KRW)
3 Line Buckle Combie (79,000 KRW)

Johncore shoulder bag (47,900 KRW)
Classic ribbon flats (69,000 KRW)

Shopper quilted bag (49,000 KRW)
Enamel basic ankle boots (89,000 KRW)


Orchidyaldix said...

Ohh Chae Young unni looks really pretty in the pics!! and man!! I loved the shoes in the last one!!!
I don't really know anything related to her new drama but there's some cute ulzzangs in it!!! Like uri Kim Hyun Joong oppa hehehe...can't wait!!!
Luv ya K-popped!!!

dokebi said...

yea she's neat, but i'm equally impressed with the actual designs that she's wearing

iRAIN said...

Thanks K-Popped, I love fashion!

Anonymous said...

Her stuff are quite nice...but hmm, that bag in the last pic resembles Marc Jacobs bag alot.

mint said...

Same angle pics -.- boringgggggg

Orchid said...

@mint, you are right, actually i was thinking the same thing. How come the angles are all the same. Is that her best side? ;-)


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