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TVXQ’s Vacation: Beautiful Life (2007)

What’s popping:

Both Xiah Junsu and Max Changmin are adorable and hilarious in this one. Xiah shines in his performance as a guy who always gets into uncomfortable situations with a local lass named Young Shim (Park Hee-bon).

She catches him taking a leak in the open numerous times, is hit in the head by solid objects a couple of times and eventually bullied into impersonating a grandson for a lonely Grandma.

Meanwhile, Max’s stint as a postman is laugh-out-loud funny, thanks to the Grandmas who find the strapping, pretty boy attractive. He gets molested a lot by the old women when he goes about delivering mail.

Xiah and Max are taking their break together. The pair travels to a remote village that only has 23 people made up of mostly elderly folks. Once there, Xiah literally bumps into an old man, who is the village postman, and causes him to hurt his back.

Mr. Postman: Max is a hit with the elderly women in the village

The pair makes amends by helping the old man out now that he can’t deliver letters. Max is tasked with being the village postman, while Xiah gallivants around the village getting into all sorts of trouble with Young Shim.

When Max finds a lonely Grandma, his heart goes out to her and after asking around about her, discovers that Grandma – who is about to celebrate her 80th birthday – is pining for her Grandson. Since Grandson seems to have forgotten about Grandma, Xiah is recruited to assume the identity of the Grandson.

Undercover: Xiah (left) gets a sweet and some love and
affection from a lonely Grandma.

The comedy short is fun and Xiah is a talented funnyman, Max does well too and benefits a lot from the supporting cast of amorous grannies around him.

The plot:

Stretched thin while preparing for their upcoming concert, the five boys of TVXQ/ DBSK are given a break from each other for two weeks.

Their vacations see them heading out on their own (except Xiah and Max) and Beautiful Life is Xiah and Max’s story of their stay in a remote village filled with elderly people.

One becomes a temporary postman, while the other is asked to impersonate a Grandson to cheer up a villager.

This is part of a four-episode omnibus. The other episodes are Cassiopeia, The Way U Are and Eternal.

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Pics credit: Vacation Official site


Muta said...

This is my fav in Vacation!
It's cute, hilarious, and touching all at the same time~ :D

KKVL said...

haha yea this's my fav too...junsu was just hialrious doing tat crab dance thing..but really .why the sudden brought up of this? hasn't this been released ages agO?

비비안 said...

This is the funniest vacation that i like...

Junsu really a good entertainer... and he always got bully by heebon... hahahaha last time in banjun drama also... haha

He pee at the grass area

he trying to play a fool on heebon with showing her underwear and then got a blue black from here


And the part which changmin nearly got molested by the ajumas... i also laugh like hell

thanks for sharing it

Dottie said...

Gosh this brings back memories.

I thought this was actually the best and I can watch it again and again...

Junsu was his usual self while Changmin is just the maknae who acts like a hyung.



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