Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Rain covers Harper's Bazaar & Esquire

Korean World Star Rain appears on the cover of Korea's Harper's Bazaar in November 2008. Why am i excited? It's one of my favourite magazines. Plus this is the first time a male Korean star appears on the cover of a woman's mag.

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But wait, that's not all...it's double the fun for fans in November because he appears in the men's magazine, Esquire too!

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I'll bet there's more inside the magazines. More photos, interviews (if you can read Hangul!) and goodies. I'll tell you more if i can get my hands on these issues.

Check out the Harper's Bazaar photo-shoot. Rain poses with super model Hye Park in this exclusive shoot. Enjoy...


Media major. said...

Hey there! would it be possible for you gals to translate what Rain and Hye Park says in the interview? >< I love Rain but it'd be great if I knew what he was saying during the interview :D Please try. Thank you!

iRAIN said...

Oh maaan...I've been busy catching up with Rain's news and vids, he's really pouring heavily this Fall! (a happy complaint :D )

Rain looks awesome in Bazaar's cover!

fraulein said...

I am not sure when I'll be able to get used to his eye make up when he smiles like he does at 3:07 and from 3:08 to 3:12 , he disarmed me as usual...

Our world star bashful at heart, check out his body language at 0:35 when the model enters the scene - there is slight discomfort and awkwardness.
Or it is just me ?

iRAIN said...


I'm pretty used to with Rain's "smokey" eyes now (and that sharp fierce seductive look haha). It took me a while.

The first time I saw his mohawk haircut, I was flabbergasted!WTH!! Then I found him cute and hip.

Orchid said...


i didn't notice his discomfort in 0:35. But i did notice how tall he looked when he walked into the room. :-)


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