Saturday, 8 November 2008

Rain wants to leave Full House behind as a sweet memory

What do I think of a sequel to Full House?

Recently, there has been talks of a Full House season 2 in the works. The article from the Herald Biz says:
Production as an Asian drama: Producers say, “We will cast at least one out of either Song Hye-gyo or Rain”

The KBS drama Full House, which aired in 2004 and earned much love not only in Korea but throughout Asia, will be producing a season 2 as a pan-Asian drama with participation from Korea, China, Japan and other countries. Full House is the drama that shot Rain to fame throughout Asia as a skilled dancer and singer.

Director Park Chang-shik of Kim Jong-hak Productions told Herald Biz on the 24th Oct 2008, “In preparation for making Full House Season 2, writer Jo Jung-hwa has worked for two years. Currently, the scripts for the first four episodes have been completed. Since Korean, Chinese, and Japanese actors will be participating, the drama will be filmed in those countries.”

- English translation excerpt courtesy of Dramabeans
Getting at least SHK or Rain to resume their roles in the drama? That would be a long shot. If i were them, i would want to move on and not revisit that old role, no matter how popular the drama has become.

What does Rain think of Full House season 2? Is he even interested in doing it?

In a recent interview, when he was asked what he thought of a sequel to Full House, his answer was "
I want to leave it (Full House) behind as a sweet memory."

Although Rain acknowledges the said drama shot him from practically a nobody in Asia to super stardom, he is wise enough not to reprise the role of stubborn Lee Young Jae.


fraulein said...

Good to hear he closed that door. Hopefully for good. It's upsetting to hear talk of a sequel because I don't want one. It'll ruin the original

hanang. said...

me too!!
no s2
it'll ruin s1
but i tink they shud ended the series better though
maybe like han ji eun getting pregnant o sumting
but too late for dat noww
wtv it is, FULL HOUSE is the bestt series ever!

iRAIN said...

Glad to hear that! Don't change your mind, mister!

bi_kyo lover said...

i think it's good if they want to do d sequel (with good plot of course) if both of Song Hye Kyo and Rain are in (playing d same roles)...

but it's so sad if they still want to make d sequel without SHK n Rain in it...

even there might b one of them, it's a bad news too...


marianne said...

i just love how Rain explained himself in leaving it as a sweet memory. doing a sequel might ruin the original drama.

cheri said...

Rain made a wise decision.
Sequels don't always have the same success as the prequels.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that he turned it down. He shld do a similar drama ie. light-hearted, romantic comedy BUT not with SHK please. Oh, and get some acting lessons before he starts - all my friends agree he's got only one agonized expression. His acting has gotten worse.


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