Sunday, 16 November 2008

Rain's best Rainism performance at MKMF 2008

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Rain gets rid of his clothes...

After the SBS fiasco, Rain (real name Jung Ji Hoon) is back on stage at MKMF 2008 (Mnet KM Music Festival).

We know Rain couldn't remain fully dressed in his Rainism suit for long (no matter how many versions of it he wears, we know he just wants to get rid of the long sleeves, tie and vest). Well, in this MKMF performance he shows off his famous abs once again.

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Rain is fed-up of his Rainism suit and ditches it for a
leather jacket and mid-knee leather pants instead

Yeah and he performs Rainism with an opened jacket, revealing much skin. Some say this is his best Rainism performance yet. Also, if you missed seeing Bi dancing freestyle, he danced with his on-screen alter ego.

Check it (i know you want to!).

Pics credit: Newsen, Asia Economy Korea

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Valerie said...

damnnn. rain's definitely still got it. he was reppin' for the veteran singers that night amongst all those idol groups and totally rocked. each and every song, i was blown away with his performance. very clever too (the introduction and the alter ego part). how awesome it would be to actually be in the MKMF audience. and i agree, this has got to be his best rainism performance. 4:35 and 5:04?! rewind please! pure hotness!!
and his bare, chiseled chest makes up for those black stocking, capri pant thingies. just saying. hehe. and i didn't know jabbawockeez made a guest appearance too. jk.

fraulein said...

Welcome back, abs!

What's up with the black berms and tights look though? Couldn't he just wear a pair of black skinny jeans?

Liz said...

Hey, where'd his Magic Stick go? I was waiting for the famous Magic Stick to make an appearance and he didn't do the cane dance :-(.

fraulein said...

Yeah no cane in this dance, I guess he wanted something slightly different this time

Orchid said...

No cane, but he replaced it with some pretty mean dancing! I like!

Anonymous said...

I like too! I'm sooo happy Bi is back and as awesome as before. Maybe even more

shinta said...

Yeah, I was waiting for the cane dance too...Nevertheless, I love his performance! Especially the first part, my way, and his Rainism!! Impressive..Me like it! Can we have more,

h said...

Rain was definitely the best and most creative dancer of the night. When he pulled off shirt, I thought he was going to go all martial arts on us. I also have irrelevant question..I've seen most of the performance clips featured on youtube...but did 2008 MKMF have an overseas performance? Like they had Japanese artists in the past two years (Gackt and w-inds). Thanks!


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