Wednesday, 10 December 2008

2008 Golden Disk Awards - Red Carpet

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FIGHTING! Dong Bang Shin Ki showed up in identical tuxedos
with a sprinkling of diamond dust

Now that i've got Sun Ye's wardrobe dilemma off my chest, let's move on...

The 23rd Golden Disk Awards (골든디스크) took place on the 10th December, 2008 at Seoul's Olympic Park. At 7pm celebrities started arriving on the Red Carpet.

The tuxedos are identical i tell ya - take a closer look

Jewelry in nude pastels

Wonder Girls

Davinci - looking way too casual
& unglamorous

What's this? Jin Bora's dress looks like a wedding gown.
Two thumbs down.
Her date is Kim Jonguk.

FT Island attempting to guest star in MC Mong's circus

SG Wannabe

MC Mong

Go Ara

Son Ho Yeong


Pics credit: Newsen,, Osen

Check out what happened last year:
2007 Golden Disk Award


brendA. said...


audzey-wudzey said...

:) Ahhhhh!! Saranghaeyo DBSK & SHINee! (:
Haha... i got a lil' bit too hyper about it :P
Hahaha... I wonder what happened during the awards ceremony :x

-XioN- said...

their make up looks weirdd.. like ghost... haha

Anonymous said...

whoa check out the man heels on Hero of DBSK!

Anonymous said...

wheres taeyeon~

wawa said...

yay... DBSK look smoking hot in tux!!!!

Anonymous said...

Asaaaa~DBSK won so many award. Very proud of them. They deserve every single of the award. DBSK jjang~

Anonymous said...

This award show was a joke! Where is the other half of Korea's talents (that big comebacks too)should've won?!

Anonymous said...

i think the FT Island boys look hot<3


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