Thursday, 11 December 2008

South Korean celebs support domestic adoption

During the Christmas season, selected South Korean celebs take some time out for a photoshoot with babies. It's for an annual photo exhibition in support of the Korean government's campaign for domestic adoptions.

Looking elsewhere: Lee Seung-ki and his
distracted baby

The campaign is into its 6th year this year and the stars include the lovely Kim Hye-soo, actor Ha Jung-woo (Chaser) and singer Lee Seung-ki.

Other celebs taking part are Kim Jung-eun, Lee Sook-yeong, Ji Jin-hee, Yeom Jung-ah, Song Yoon-ah and couples Choi Soo-jong/Ha Hee-ra and Syeon/Jung Hye-young.

Cuddly-wuddly: Kim Hye-soo and her
contented baby

Whazzup?: Ha Jung-woo and his surprised baby

Like last year, the photo exhibition will be held at the Insa Art Center in Seoul. This year, the event will run from Dec 17 to 23.

Stars who have participated in the campaign include Rain, Kwon Sang-woo, Yoon Eun-hye and the Wonder Girls.

Source: MSN News

Stars & babies spread Christmas cheer (Check out the stars in 2007's campaign)


fraulein said...

these pics remind me of my fave pinky! LOL at the cute, clueless babies

Toni said...

Wouldn't it be great if they paired up the baby with artist of similar features with the slogan "Now you took can raise a Kim Jaejoong or Kwon Sang Woo" [bows] 실례합니다 [bows] 실례합니다 [bows] 실례합니다.

I know, bad joke, but it occurred to me when I saw Ha Jung-woo's photo.

syn70 said...

I am so proud that the Korean culture is becoming more accepting of alternative ways to create a family. I pray that each of these children are granted a happy home!

Jon said...

Totally support child adoption! A way to shower love and give life to the children. I'm inspired to do that ONE DAY.....


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