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Art of Seduction, The (2005)

Korean title: 작업의 정석 (Jak-eob-eui Jeong-seok)

What’s popping:

In this fun and lighthearted flick, two experienced players go up against each other in the game of love. Who wins? Who backs down? Who has more tricks up his/her sleeve to emerge victorious over the other playa?

Song Il-gook and Son Ye-jin portray Min Jun and Ji Won respectively in this comedy where love is merely a game to be won. Both characters are professionals in seducing the opposite sex. Once they decide to spin their web of seduction around you, you’re trapped until they decide to let you go.

Both players operate by tried and tested tactics. Min Jun, who oozes charm and charisma, eloquently relates a sad story to win the sympathy of women, while Ji Won uses her beauty and puppy dog eyes to waltz her way into men’s hearts.

However, the players get bored with their victims easily and will quickly move on to another…until they meet each other, that is.

Dance: Ji Won (Son Ye-jin) works the dancefloor

That’s when things get interesting as their usual tricks do not get results anymore. Thus, we see the protagonists digging deeper into their bags of tricks – or come up with totally new ones – to get the other to succumb to his/her charms.

The interplay between the two players is a hoot…up until a certain point where the back and forth between them gets too predictable and a tad boring. If the game between the protagonists were a little shorter, the film would be an easy watch right up to the end. However, that’s not the case here as the stalemate between the two is dragged out.

Muscle man: Min Jun (Song Il-gook) is up for auction.
Any takers out there?

The chemistry between the good-looking protagonists is alright and works in the flick. It’s a little disappointing that the seduction methods here aren’t that "original". Let’s just say that if they were average-looking Joes in the real world, their methods would probably be known as cheesy pick-up methods.

Nonetheless, the comedy is rather enjoyable. Just don’t expect to be a whiz at the art of seduction after watching the show ;-).

The plot:

Two professional playas who are used to things going their way in the game of love hit a wall when they come up against each other.

Sleeping with the enemy: Who wins the game?

Baffled at why their usual tricks in the art of seduction do not work, they ante up their game and stake it all for their reputation. Who will come out as the victor?

Watch it:

Orchid bought the DVD at Speedy (RM29.90).

Buy the DVD here!

Pics credit: HanCinema


fraulein said...

I caught this on vcd a couple of months back, it has a predictable plot but boy Son Ye-jin and Song Ilguk are serious eye candy....

Mona said...

i agree about the eye candy factor...the ending could've been better but overall the movie wasn't a waste of time and i enjoyed it ;)

T said...

you can watch Korean movies at mysoju or crunchyroll without having to buy them.

Empress said...

I watched this a while back. A nice light hearted flick. I liked the ending. :)

Anonymous said...

have u girls watch Geunomeun meoshiteotda(not too sure of the english title)? the main actors are song seung hyun and the late jung da's a very nice story!! should check it out..

fraulein said...

@ Mona,

Yep, the ending was anti climatic

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

This came out in 2005? I thought it was earlier! After "The Classic" I was almost afraid to watch (note: MY!!!!) Son Ye-Jin in this film. It is totally different, and totally fun! Maybe not for the under 13 crowd, but this is handled very very nicely, and if you don't laugh, check to see if you still have a pulse!
Definitely "Two Thumbs Up!!".

Lisa Lee said...

One of my all time favs for Korean series would be "Winter Sonata" - Happy New Year Ya!!! :)

southerngirl said...

I think the ending was interesting. As I was watching it, I hoped the ending would turn out that way...(don't worry, I am not going to give away anything and ruin it for everyone else. ^^;)

The movie certainly will not disappoint anyone looking for a light-hearted flick. And yeah, I agree Vic, this movie is not quite for the younger set though. ^^;


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