Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Lee Hyori collapsed due to exhaustion

Shocking news! After the recent two-night only performance of her first solo concerts on the 19th and 20th December, Hyori collapsed due to over-work and fatigue on the 26th December, 2008.

Lee Hyori (29) was found unconscious at her home on the 26th and was rushed to the hospital for treatment. She is currently at Gangnam, Seoul's Samsung Hospital getting some much needed rest.
Hyo-ri practiced hard for two months prior to her solo concerts. Due to this, her health deterioriated and towards the end of her concerts, she was visibly exhausted.

Due to her state, she has canceled three year-end awards ceremony appearances.
Hyori underwent treatments at the hospital over the weekend. She has been diagnosed with pneumonia and undernourishment.

Hyori is disappointed and was in tears when she could not attend a song festival.

Hyori, don't think of your missed functions and rest up! Get well soon!

Pic credit & source: Newsen, Dramabeans

Fin K.L. reunites at Hyori's solo concert


Tyler said...

Poor girl. Get well soon, Hyori.

비비안 said...

Ottoke!!! She really work hard for the concert...

Lee Hyori!!! Get well soon...

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

I know a lot of folks are not big fans of Hyori. I've been around KPOP since the Fin.k.l years. I find her like BoA, "She's OK, but I don't follow her...". But I'm so sorry to see this happen to her. C'mon everybody let's give it up for Hyori! (culture note. "give it up" mean give her our applause.)

Anonymous said...

I was so disappointed that she wasn't at the sbs kpop festival! But that's okay! I LOVE her and wish her all the best! Get well soon unnie!

Anonymous said...

OH NOOOOO! Hyori don't die on us!
Take a break and come back soon!!!! Can't live without our fav kpop queen!


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