Thursday, 18 December 2008

Author Nami Mun to unleash debut novel Miles from Nowhere

All right all you book lovers out there *high five*, this one's for ya :-).

Korean-American author Nami Mun (left) will be releasing her debut novel entitled Miles from Nowhere.

The New York City native, who was born in Seoul, has an extremely colourful background. She was a teenage runaway, a dance hostess and an Avon Lady who hawked cosmetics door to door. The girl who grew up in the Bronx also worked as a photojournalist, waitress, bartender, administrative assistant and copy writer (!).

After completing her undergraduate studies at the University of California, Berkeley, Mun decided to work as a criminal investigator. She was 30.

The Jane of all trades isn't playing CSI anymore. She is currently residing in Chicago and lecturing at the University of Michigan.

Phew, amazing – from teen runaway to lecturer...and so many things in between.

Mun's debut novel, Miles from Nowhere, is set in 1980s and revolves around Joon-mee, a 12-year-old Korean-American who runs away from her troubled Bronx family (eh, is art imitating life? ;-)).

The story follows the protagonist over six years where we see Joon-mee eventually doing crime...and drugs. However, she then tries to turn her (bad) luck around.

Interested to read the book? A quick check at Amazon shows that the title will only be released on Dec 26 :-).

Watch out for a brief Q&A with author Nami Mun right here on K-popped!

Get your copy of Miles from Nowhere here


Anonymous said...

Would this be released anytime soon in a Borders in the United States? ^-^

Liz said...

Hello Anonymous,

In answer to your question above, we got this reply from the book publisher:

Yes, it'll be sold at most bookstores (Barnes and Noble, Borders, Amazon, independent stores, etc.). And yes, it's on sale 12/26.

Happy reading!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! It should like something my best friend and I would enjoy! By the way, I love this site! Keep up the great work!! ^-^

worstpoet said...

I am longing to be published. Could you please tell me how one goes about selling their manuscripts to publishers??? Thank you and good luck!


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