Thursday, 18 December 2008

Photos of Rain shot in Cebu, Philippines

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Rain models for his clothing brand Six to Five
Backdrop is the beautiful island of Cebu, Philippines

Rain's photo shoot pictorials from the island of Cebu in the Philippines are out! Yes, the pic you see above is one of the results. I am sure more of these will be released in due time. In the photos, Rain wears Six to Five 2009 Spring/Summer collection. The collection showcases clothes in four basic colours which is red, blue, white and black.

Six to Five will hold a fashion show on the 23 December 2008 at 7pm in Ilsan, Seoul. It has been reported that Rain will also be performing a mini concert at the fashion event, as well as taking part as one of the models!

Pics as seen on MyDaily

Bi in Philippines for Six to Five photo shoot


Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Think he will call his next album "It's Raining Clothes"?? Nah, I didn't think so...

^o^ said...

the clothes are hideous >:(

joo said...

HOT !!!!

Orchidyaldix said...

aiiigoooo aiiigoooo!!! I just died!!! Those jeans are aaawesomeee!! be honest...i wasn't really looking at the jeans....cute cute bum!!!
he's so handsome...:D but yeah...i still think that the clothes are nice :) cute cute cute!!!
thank u k-popped....really...THANK YOU!

mackers said...

i suddenly remember that i was going to cebu in april. damn, i should have gone earlier!

아이스Aiseu said...

i was shocking when first seen the pictures when i scroll down his forum...the first thing i did is loading up the page..and then after that...keep saying 'omg'.. 'walao...u kill me!' hahaha
sexy baby!

hanang. said...

so-damn-it HOT!!!
u made my day k-popped!

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

He really needs to add a propeller beanie to that ensemble. Here are some song titles, I suggest for his next album:
"Clowning Around"
"Would you Like Fries With that Order Mam?"
"Yabba Dabba Doo!"

Orchid said...

@Vic, you've been thinking a lot about Rain...i can tell you are a fan. ;-)

sanityjane said...

was it wise for him to model with the pristine waters as the backdrop?.. i dunno, i was actually mesmerized more with the blue sea than his clothes or him.

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Thank you Orchid! But you know what? I may have to rethink my thoughts about Rain. I just got the "Full House" DVD set, and am planning on watching them over Christmas. We'll see!!


shinta said...

@ vic

Wow I was supposed to hate you like hell until I read your comment about you getting your "Full House" DVD set..You will like him there, honestly..And after you watch that, I suggest you watch his Live performances (on youtube) for his dance hits such as It's Raining, I'm coming, and lately, Rainism..Who knows, after you do that, you might as well ordain yourself as a cloud, right? lol..Seriously though, Rain's a fantastic artist and performer..I can guarantee that..You won't regret trying to get to know him a 'lil more :)

Anonymous said...

my god! bi rain is so sexy in all the photos of six to five. all the photos are great. thanks 4 sharing this site to all the rain fanatic.


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