Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Daniel Henney and LG X-Canvas Time Machine

Having a good time!
Daniel Henney pairs up with Chae Jung-an

in LG's X-Canvas Time Machine campaign

One of our readers wants to know what's Daniel Henney is up to (yes i do read your comments in the K-popped! Facebook group). From the looks of it, he has been busy modeling, attending award ceremonies and his latest project is appearing in LG Electronics' LG television CF promoting the X-Canvas Time Machine.

I challenge you to tell me what Daniel Henney is selling...a time machine? Where? What? How?

What weird names LG Korea names its product. In Korea, the "X-Canvas" is a sub-brand for high-end HDTVs (high definition TV). What's the "Time Machine" then? The "Time Machine" is a feature of the X-Canvas TV where you can record live TV shows to the hard disk for playback later!

I want the controller! Give it to me!

Okay, so now you know what Daniel Henney is selling. ;-) He teams up with Chae Jung-an, an actress and singer. You would have seen her in Coffee Prince.

Check out the LG X-Canvas Time Machine "Have a good time" campaign ad. Daniel Henney's Korean seems to have improved! He speaks faster now and the pronunciation sounds much better. :-)

If you liked that, there's more where it came from, yeah i found six parts to the mini-series ad!
  1. 자꾸 너만 보게 돼
  2. 두 개의 시간, 하나의 사랑
  3. 한 순간도 널 놓치고 싶지 않아
  4. 우리 조카가 달라졌어요
  5. 어색한 시간, 천천히 돌려봐?
  6. We will have a good time forever

Source: LG Korea

Videos on Youtube: Popseoul

Gimme more on Daniel Henney!


peepoo said...

ooh, so is this DVR but straight from the tv instead of a box??? awesome! DVR kicks ass!

Anonymous said...

ok... is it me or is the whole advert .... i dont know .... dont understand it...


ewan said...

is this more like TIVO or DVDR?

Orchid said...

I am not familiar with TIVO or DVDR. So US readers, please fill us in. What's the difference?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I'll try to explain the difference as well as I can. lol

TIVO is a machine that resembles a DVD player, but its main purpose is to record television shows in real-time. SO, let's say you ladies are watching a new episode of a drama and you want to get a drink and ended up missing 9 minutes of the show... if you "TIVO" the episode, it allows you to rewind and fast-forward while you are watching the show. However TIVO comes with a subscription and must be paid for in order to take advantage of its purpose.

DVDR is just a machine that allows you record your shows onto a DVD. But you can't rewind and forward while the show is broadcasting real-time.

Hope this helps!

Liz said...

Ah, thanks for the explanation thelezchan.

So Orchid, I looks like TIVO is similar to our local and unpopular Astro Maxx. You know, the really expensive thingy which allows you to record Astro programs.


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