Tuesday, 2 December 2008

A sexy game of Billiards

Or is it Pool? *shrug*

Well, before Orchid insisted on flipping channels to watch Bi while we were lazing in our hotel room in Seoul, I was watching this:

In heated competition. Is this competition for real?

The feminist in me tells me I should be offended.
Instead, I gawk and take pictures.

So... what do the men wear?

Update 7:00pm:

I just had to do a search. It's called Racing Models Billiards Championship. Head over to mncast.com if watching sexy ladies play lousy pool is your idea fun.

Here's a clip:

Latest version of flash required to view clip.


Dottie said...

This is pricelessly hilarious!!! I mean, who WOULDN'T gawk?! I'm a woman too but the male producers on Xports must have been thinking hard (no pun intended) about how to boost ratings when they came across this idea... and materialized it!


Anonymous said...

You won't be seeing this in Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Do you by any chance know where I can download this? :)

Orchid said...

you're not going to spoil our readers with "Your wish is my command" requests are you Rooster? ;-) Amazed that you can find even watch this online!!!

Anonymous said...

This entry is definitely eye candy for the guys.

Amelia said...

Reminds me of Japanese TV.

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Who says "there's nothing on TV"?

gargoyle said...

not exactly that SEXY..


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