Saturday, 20 December 2008

Fin KL reunites at Lee Hyori's solo concert

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Charismatic Lee Hyori in her 2008 solo concert

Lee Hyo Ri, labeled as Korea's sexy queen held a concert on the 19th December, 2008 at Jamsil Indoor stadium in Seoul.

Hyori bravely put up a full length concert right after recovering from fatigue. She was hospitalized for two days due to that. Hyori was forced to shake off her fatigue, and shake her booty on stage and performed energetically at her sold out concert.

This is her first concert after her 3rd album It's Hyorish was release. Hyori performed songs from It's Hyorish such as U-Go-Girl and Hey Mr Called Big to very enthusiastic and supportive spectators.

Fin KL (핑클 - pronounced Pinkel), Big Bang, Rain (real name Jung Ji-hoon), Whee Sung and SG Wannabe were special guest at the concert!

Fin KL is an all girl group which comprises Lee Hyori, Ock Ju Hyun, Sung Yuri and Lee Jin.

Hyori will hold another concert at the same venue on the 20th December, 2008.

Here are more pictures of the charismatic Lee Hyori in concert!

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Lee Hyori (in black boots) reunites with her former all girl group
Fin KL at her solo concert.
With her are Ock Ju Hyun,
Sung Yuri and Lee Jin.

Lee Hyori in her trademark sexy hot pants

Lee Hyori reunites with Fin KL for the first time after 3 years

Lee Hyori and Sung Yuri (left) on stage

Source & pics credit: Newsen


Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Fin.K.L WAS BACK TOGETHER????? OMG. I so miss them! This (and Baby VoX #1) was the group that got me interested in KPOP. (Well, also S.E.S.) I sure hope somebody puts up cuts from this on PU Tube. Do you think they can start making CDs again?

fraulein said...

Looks like the show went well. Whori, oops, Hyori looks her usual self in the pics, with no sign of the fatigue that just plagued her. Not speaking as a fan but a bystander who thinks it is great that it went well.

I'll be waiting for more coverage on this concert both on this and other sites

I like that pic of her and my fave sweetie pie Sung Yu-ri

Arin said...

ahh, her special guests for the concert is really SPECIAL. haha.
aww, I only know this one song from Fin KL, but seeing them back together for this must have bring back memories for the fans.

Solbi in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia from 1st-6th December '08?
I'm not so sure cos I used the online translator. Is it true?


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