Saturday, 20 December 2008

Stars at the 6th Letters from Angels exhibition

Collaborate: Actor Jung Gyeo-woon (left) with
photographer Jo Se-hyun.

Stars in support of domestic adoption in South Korea attended the opening of the 6th Letters from Angels photo exhibition on Dec 17. The event was held at the Insa Art Center in Jongro-gu, Seoul.

Photographer Jo Se-hyun was present along with stars who posed for the cause such as My Precious You actor Kim Sung-su, Lee Jong-hyuk, Choi Won-young and Women of the Sun's Jung Gyeo-woon.

My Precious You: Kim Sung-su with a little treasure

Solo: Choi Won-young seems lonely compared to his pic

Happy: Lee Jong-hyuk is glad to be part of the project

Currently in its sixth installment, the Letters from Angels photo exhibition, which began in 2003, is to help raise awareness and support domestic adoptions.

Source: Hankooki

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fraulein said...

Jung Gyeo-woon is a hottie, his name is a bit of

Jung Gyeo -woon is a hottie, he's the reason I came to know about and watch Women of the Sun. He was in A Happy Woman too. His name's a bit of a tongue twister for me, though.


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