Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Get a whiff of Wonder Bakery

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One of Korea's most well loved all-girl group Wonder Girls has a reality show called "Wonder Bakery". The show airs on Mnet and is sponsored by Crown Bakery. No wonder i saw posters of the Wonder Girls at the Crown Bakery outlet when we were in Seoul last month!

The baking reality show will see each Wonder Girl paired up with a male baker to whip up the best tasting desserts, buns and cakes hoping to win a cash prize of 10 million KRW.

So can the Wonder Girls bake, knead dough and decorate a cake as well as they can bust a move? Here are some pics ... you be the judge! Or better yet,
view clips of the episodes on YouTube. Thanks to "wonder subbers", you get the English subtitles as well!

They sure look cute in their patissier outfits! I wonder if JYP would make a cameo appearance on the programme!

The first episode of Wonder Bakery was aired on
November 5th, 2008
on the Mnet channel

Who would have imagined...the Wonder Girls in the kitchen!

Sohee bakes a cake

Sohee and Yoobin with their fabulous baker boys...

Seon Yeh pays full attention to what her partner
is telling her...
they want to get ahead of the other teams!

Time for a quick snack

Yeh Eun in full concentration as she
separates the yolks from the whites...

Yoobin whips up a dessert on Wonder Bakery

Seon Mi can't help thinking of the prize money $

Which team do you think will win? Yeh Eun and Seon Yeh look pretty serious in the kitchen. Maybe their teams will come ahead...What do you think? If you are following this series, let us know who's leading! And who's working well with their "baker boy".

Pic credit: StarNews


jacA said...

LOL at the 3rd pic
sohee's & yoobin's cheeky laughs XD

fraulein said...

These girls are everywhere.

Is there any pie the Wonder Girls do not dip their fingers into these days? = D

Anonymous said...

Aw..u definitely should watch it.
It's very entertaining ^^


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