Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Rain tells you his LOVE STORY in English!

The English version of Rain's 5th album (Rainism) ballad Love Story is out!

This seems surreal to me. It's been what i've been waiting for - to be able to understand words that come out from Rain's lips - without needing any subbing/ translation. Okay, let me dwell on this for awhile. Sigh. [ Orchid is happy ]

Okay, where was i...yeah the English version is nice. The lyrics are pretty good and not tacky. But i do still love the original Korean version.

Check it out here!

Which version of Love Story do you like more?

Update (Dec 15, 2008):
Check out the Mandarin (Chinese) version here:

Rain's Love Story Full MV out, teasers were better


stefanie said...

There's even an English version of Rainism. Wonder if you guys know about it.

About the song, no comment. I'm not really a fan.

Joo said...

love the song in english version !! woohoo

Liz said...

I like this in English :-) Nice.

shinta said...


Really?! An english version of Rainism? Care to expound on that?

Anonymous said...

Rain has produced Japanese, Chinese and English versions of Rainism and Love Story for the Rainism Asian Album. The Japanese release contains the original 13 songs from the original Korean album and the 2 additional Japanese versions - check
The Taiwan version is supposed to have both English and Chinese versions ie. 13 + 4 additional songs.

peepoo said...

i'm pleasantly surprised that the english lyrics aren't bad..quite good actually. i'm so used to enjoying a song in it's original language but then it all goes to sh*t when it gets translated to english. i still can't understand his pronunciation of some words so i love how there are english subs for this english version! :P

stefanie said...

@shinta, I actually heard it through the Chinese radio station here in Malaysia, MyFM about 2 weeks ago. I'm not that surprise though as Rain is really big in this that's it, i never go search any further ^^

fraulein said...

A commendable effort but I still prefer the original Korean version. Now I just gotta wait for the cringeworthy mandarin version = D

Anonymous said...

oh my. A+ for effort for singing it in so many different languages and can't comment on the other versions but his english is still very cringeworthy. sorry.

Orchid said...

Check out the Mandarin (Chinese) version of Love Story here:


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