Saturday, 6 December 2008

Gong Yoo attends radio station launch

Hello soldier!: ''Thank you for coming.
Please support the new radio station.'

Gong Yoo (real name Gong Ji-cheol) appeared to the public at Good Morning City in Dongdaemun, Seoul on Dec 5.

The Coffee Prince actor, who is currently serving in the military as an entertainment soldier, was there to celebrate the launch of a new radio station.

Showtime: 'Ah, I'm a little rusty at this.
What's my line again?'

Adored: 'Yo gals, I'm back on stage...
even if it's only for 5 minutes.'

In the army, Gong Yoo is known as DJ Yoo because the 29-year-old is hosting a radio programme for the army radio station.

Celebs who performed at Good Morning City included Jamilya, Psy, Hwangbo and NRG's No Yoo-min.

Playtime: The boys pretend to be, wait a minute,
one of them is really in the army.

Rock da house: No Yoo-min of NRG
sings his heart out

Getting high: Huh? Err...Psy attempts some
sexy moves

Doll-like: The real Jamilya couldn't make it on time so
they put a Jamilya mannequin on stage

Angst: Hwangbo throws a tantrum because her
stylist made her wear that "lumberjack" shirt.

Source: Newsen


Orchidyaldix said...

That's one hot soldier!!!
xD Psy looks like the funny Kang Ho Dong doing funny moves and trying to be all sexy hahahaha

Anonymous said...

ok... what is Gong Yoo role in the army again???

"Entertainment soldier"???

so his military "training" will involve doing DJ job???

is he the only son in his family, hence "easy" job given to him? hmm

gotta check it later

Orchid said...

i actually thought PSY was Kang Ho Dong.


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