Friday, 5 December 2008

What cameras do Orchid and Rooster use?

Like the photos we took during our trip to Seoul?

Thanks to two avid photogs within the K-popped! Trio, we have some really beautiful pictures :-).

If you're curious about the cameras we use, read on.

Shoot 'em: Orchid and Rooster's cameras at "rest".

Orchid uses the Nikon D40 while Rooster shoots with her Canon 450d!

The pic you see is of the cameras my fave gals use :-).

I managed to get a pic (with my pathetic Canon IXUS-i) of the "always busy" cameras during a coffee break at A Twosome Place in Apgujeong on Nov 6.

Note: This is NOT a product placement post :-P.

Check out some of the pics:
One night in Samcheong-dong
Locks of love at N Seoul Tower
Noryangjin Fish Market
Beautiful Autumn sights in Seoul


Rooster said...

*Gasp* A Nikon and a Canon coexisting within the same space? This is madness! I shouldn't even be speaking to you Orchid. ;p

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Yeah. There's no surprise that there's a Canon involved. I've been shouldering an OLD T-70 for decades! You girls are awesome, and your photos are breath-taking! Many thanks for sharing them with us!!!!

Orchid said...

Vic...T-70 is a Canon DSLR model? Or is it a film camera? Sorry, i am not familiar with Canon models. :-P

Liz, i forgot you took that pic. Yeah it was one of those rare occasions when BOTH of us put our cameras down to rest. =) Great shot!

Sippy said...

ooooh! i don't know anything about cameras, but i just know that you ladies take such lovely photos!

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Hey Orchid,
It is the old film version, with a 300mm telephoto, on the front porch!

I've recently started using a Panasonic digital one, with very good results. It replaced a Kodak digital, (remember my photo with Miss SK?). But I wasn't very happy with that one. But the heavy lifting is still with the Canon.

Si Yi said...

LOL I don't know much about cameras but you guys took lovely pictures during your trip!! That makes me tempted to get a DSLR too! but isn't it very heavy to lug one around while on vacation?

Orchid said...

@Vic you have a Panasonic point and shoot? I've thought of getting a Panasonic Lumix point and shoot, but can't decide whether to get it or a Canon.

Si Yi, yes it's quite heavy, especially having to carry it all the time! But then the picture quality is worth it. But if you are worried about weight, getting a good point and shoot camera or those higher end compact (some call it semi-pro) cameras will be good enough. You can take really nice photos with those too! Especially now they come with image-stabilizer to prevent blur.

Rooster said...

@ orchid: I really like the Panasonic Lumix. I think it takes great pictures and the colour is very vibrant. I still use it when I'm too lazy to lug my Canon around.

Ricoh also make pretty good automatics. My friends swear by it. I haven't tried using them but the pictures I've seen look great. Also, the auto white balance is awesome even in bad lighting.

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Orchid, YES it is a Lumix, TZ-1. The more and more I use it, the more I love it! And Rooster, I use the Lumix for exactly the same reason as you do!


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