Thursday, 4 December 2008

Jang Dong Gun joins the UN World Food Programme (WFP)

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Jang Dong Gun and Bill Clinton at the
Clinton Global Initiative in Hong Kong

Jang Dong Gun (36) is now a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). This was announced at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Asian general meeting in Hong Kong recently.

"Personally, it is a great honor, but I feel great responsibility and also pressure,'' Jang said during an interview with the Yonhap news Agency in Hong Kong.

Jang explained that his grandparents and father were born in North Korea. He also starred in movies that were related to North Korea and that may have contributed in his choice as ambassador. Movies such as Taegukgi: Brotherhood of War (2004) and Typhoon (2005) both carried story lines pertaining to North Korea.

"I became naturally interested in North Korean issues. It was then that I was asked to become the goodwill ambassador. Knowing that one of the major activities of the WFP is donating food supplies to North Korea, I accepted,'' he said.

The actor admitted that he hesitated before accepting the offer, as he knew it was an important position and also because he was doubtful as to whether he had the ability to carry out such a role.

Jang at the Clinton Global Initiative in Hong Kong.
Some 400 figures, including former President Clinton
and Lee Kuan Yew, the first Prime Minister of Singapore, were present.

Fellow ambassadors of the world's largest humanitarian agency include actress Drew Barrymore, businessman and philanthropist Warren Buffet and Brazilian soccer star Kaka. Jang will be the ninth ambassador of the WFP.

Jang Dong Gun will participate in various programs aimed to remind nations of the need of food aid for developing countries.

Watch the news announcement (in Korean) at YTN:

Source: KoreaTimes

Pics credit: AsiaToday, Yonhap


Valerie said...

what an honor. it's great he accepted this opportunity and he's apart of this initiative. my knowledge on north korea isn't the best but it's great they are getting this help.

on a side note, i noticed that is KC Concepcion of the Philippines. they are both very good looking.

tarayqen said...

i was about to say that KC was there and she's lucky to have her picture taken with JDG....

jessica said...

^ bleh.. dunno which one is luckier. but KC is so pretty! i'd rather have the pic focus on just KC and former president Bill Clinton.

Hanneebuff said...

wow! i'm amazed that Jang Dong Gun was chosen for this program.

And lucky KC Concepcion. I envy her.

Anonymous said...

I'm Proud of KC Concepcion from Philippines ..even though she belongs to a wealthy family ( her mother is a famous actress and her stepfather is a Senator )she's a very down to earth person and she's always helping a lot of people in her own way. She set as good example of a young intelligent beautiful Filipina..way to go KC!

Anonymous said...

the pretty lady on the other side of President Clinton is Ms. KC Concepcion, our very own Filipino celebrity.
i didnt know she was also involved in this charity work. I did not hear it in our local news (not that I watch it often).

psst said...

^duh.. she's been involved in charitable activities even before she joined showbiz.


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