Wednesday, 3 December 2008

200 Pounds Beauty - the musical

From movie to musical: 200 Pounds Beauty gets own musical.
Kim Ah-joong attends premiere.

Yup, the story about hefty Hana who undergoes full body plastic surgery to become a svelte and sexy songstress takes centrestage!

The musical version of the highly entertaining movie opened this evening (Dec 3) at Seoul's Chungmu Art Hall in Shindang-dong. The show runs until February 1, 2009.

Original: Kim Ah-joong portrayed Hana
in the movie version

The "original" 200 Pounds Beauty Kim Ah-joong and the movie's director Kim Yong-hwa attended the event. Where's Joo Jin-mo oppa? *sad*

Beauties in a row: (l - r) Musical actress Bada, movie star
Kim Ah-joong and musical actress Yoon Gong-joo

Bada (yes, she who played Esmeralda last year) and Yoon Gong-joo are both playing the leading lady in the musical version of 200 Pounds Beauty.

Check out the other stars who were at the event earlier this evening:

Eugene shows support for former S.E.S.
co-member Bada

Han Go-eun's ready to rock and
roll...right after the show

Yoomi can't wait to get in and book
the best seat in the house

Lee Sang-yoon is delighted to be here

Director (movie version) Kim Yong-hwa
wishes he was somewhere else

Kim Ji-seok can't wait for the show to start

Source: MSN News

200 Pounds Beauty (mini movie review)

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