Monday, 1 December 2008

Oh Ji-ho holds fan meeting in Japan

Mr. Dimple: Ladies (and some gentlemen),
the delectable Oh Ji-hunk

I've been missing Oh Ji-ho's dimples lately so decided to dig up information on the hottie.

The handsome 32-year-old was in Osaka on Nov 22 for his first Japan fan meeting! About 1,000 fans turned up for the event.

Handshake: What, no hugs and kisses? I'm disappointed :-P.

Love letters: Fans profess their undying love for the star.

Other Korean stars -- namely Kwon Sang-woo, Park Yong-ha, Shinhwa's Eric, Kim Sung-su, Kim Min-joon, Park Sol-mi and Jung Ryeo-won -- congratulated Mr. Dimple on his first fan meeting in the land of the rising sun.

A representative of the Single Papa in Love actor revealed that Oh Ji-ho will be concentrating on Japan in 2009.

Nooooo...make another Korean movie, or drama.

More eye candy! (Bear with me, it's Monday): On Oct 31, Mr. Oh took
in a baseball game. Is that an empty seat beside him? Sacrilegious!
Such a hottie should not be watching a game alone. 오빠, call me!

Source: Newsen


Anonymous said...

Hi Liz

Thank You so much for sharing this wonderful news of Oh Ji Ho fan meeting in Japan.
Mr Dimple as the Soompi Zio ladies use to call him lately is not only a hunk but a professional actor with a great jolly personality.
Whenever I see his picture I just vanish into thin air or melted. Wonder what I might do if I see him in person.
Love to see him more in K-popped.
Thank You once again LIZ.

Jon said...

Ah! The guy from Super Rookie! Thanks for the posting, Liz.....

Liz said...

Your welcome, guys :-)

Jenny said...

hmmm, I've never understod the fanmeeting thing where korean starts travel to Japan and have fanmeetings(that can be quite expensive for the fans)what is the point , if anyone knows ?
But I think majority of the fans are middle aged housewives like with Yon-sama ^^

Jon said...

Maybe the ajummas can afford to travel to Japan?? Hehehe..

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz

Thanks for a good article of Mr Dimple.
Quick question: Are you aware of the Zio ladies on Soompi??


Liz said...

Hello Anonymous :-) (do you have a moniker I can call you with instead of plain Anon?).

I noticed that the ladies at Soompi refer to Mr. Oh Ji-hunk as that correct? How did that come about?

harleydaz.USA said...

Hi Liz

I am another one of Soompi Zio Ladies who like others are helping "Zio Spread His Love Around the World".
I would also like to Thank You for posting news of Zios 1st Fan Meeting in Japan. You and K-popped have always be very kind to our Zio in many ways and you certainly are a ZIO LADY..

The Zio came from Oh Ji-ho.
I believe it is pronounced the same as the Ji in his first name.

Almost all his Offical sites or blogs have Zio in them.
The Oh Ji ho Offical Fan Club in Korean uses Zionizm in the web address.
Zios minihompy in Cyworld has ohzio.
Zios newly formed Offical Japan Fan Club uses his shild with Zio in it. When you enter the fan club pictures role across the club site the last picture is signed with the Oh Ji ho signature then written in English is Zio Good Luck!!!
I'm sorry to say the Japan Fan Club is only open for membership for those who live in Japan and certain areas in the club site are closed to non members but we Zio Ladies hope one day a club will open for all who are Zio fans from everywhere in English.

Zio appeared on the cover of 2 Hong Kong magazines with interviews and beautiful pictures.
Mr Style Spring/Summer 2008
MRMR June 2008 in this one a picture was signed for publication
"I am Mr. Dimple" then the
Oh Ji oh famous signature and in English is writtem "Good Luck!!".

One of my Zio sisters sent the magazines to me and she also translated the interview and it is posted on Soompi.

Are you aware Zio signed the beginning of the year 2008 with a newly a formed management company "Heavenly Star Entertainment"? They recently opened there web site with updates of what their clients are doing.
There have been posts of Zio news, photos & videos of Zio during Albatross baseball practice, most recently 4 videos of the Japan Fan Meeting.

If anything this company is taking very good care of our Zio.

Please feel free to drop in on Soompi thread dedicated to Oh Ji ho anytime. You are always welcome.

Thank you once again.

Orchid said...


Wow! You are one ZIO LADY who knows a lot about him and his fan club.

Thanks for the explanation. Are you a member of Zio's official Japanese fan club? But you live in the USA???


Liz said...

Awww, harleydez.USA thank you for such a warm note!

It made my stress-filled day better :-). I feel so happy to be considered a Zio lady. Whoo hoo, does this mean I can go on a date with Zio? :-P

Ha ha thank you for the information on the fan club and such. I will definitely visit when I'm missing Mr. Dimple :-).

Gotta go get stressed again. Ta!

Lia said...

Hi Liz

I'm one of Zio's ladies too from Soompi. Thx a lots for your article about Zio fans meeting in Japan. He has lots of fans in Japan. I hope he'll visit all country in all around the world with thousands fans.

Yea.. please feel free to visit 'our home' in Soompi. thx...

Anonymous said...

Hi Lia and Orchid

I am 'anon'. Forgot my password and my post was gone. I was suppose to answer your question and luckily Harleydaz came to my rescue. I'm 'Luvlilady' that is my moniker
Just want you to know we do really appreciate your input of our OJH-hunk, Mr Dimple, or Zio.
Please come and visit us at Soompi once your stress free is gone. Ta

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz n all zio fans out there.

I've been looking the past month for news on zio japan fan meeting n am really happy to read all yr postings n articles here.. many kisses to all.

it's interesting to read abt the soompi zio ladies who have been supporting zio so whole heartedly.. thank you so much...

I'm a fairly new comer having just known the stunner zio in "get karl" ;( certainly have missed out a lot.
any idea how i can join his fan club?

I wish zio all the best in his showbiz career n hope he makes it big this year. With his impeccable good looks n great acting skills, it would be such a waste if he remains at this level.

cheers to zio!

Liz said...

Welcone Anonymous! I'm sure the lovely Zio ladies at Soompi will be able to direct you to Oh Ji-ho's fan club.

Try the Oh Ji-ho forum thread and ask your question there. I'm sure a kind soul will offer you information :-).


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