Friday, 12 December 2008

Rain's chair dance at the Golden Disk Awards

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Rain showcased a sexy chair dance for the
1st time at the 23rd Golden Disk Awards

Earlier in an interview, Korea's most-loved singer and awesome dancer Rain (real name Jung Ji Hoon) promised to show his "best stage" (that's the Korean way of saying performing awesomely on stage) at the year-end award ceremonies.

Rain said, "I will present you my best stage through the year-end awards ceremonies and showcase a new chair dance at the 2008 Golden Disk Awards."

Always trying to bring something new and fresh to his fans, Rain delivered his chair dance while singing the song 11 Days from his 4th album Rain's World. The dance was smooth i must say, and with such a hectic schedule, i wonder where he finds the time to practice. However, it as all right only and pretty forgettable. After the "chair dance" he launched into a free style dance in the dark with a clever play of lights. Then the familiar tunes of Rainism started filling the air and he performed Rainism (which has now grown on me).

Rain's moves reminds me of Michael Jackson because it is a fact that he is a fan. Also, Rain is the only one wearing white shoes on stage when he performs. All his back-up dancers have to wear black.

Between the chair dance and Rainism? I like Rainism more...and seem to not get tired of it no matter how many times i see Rain perform it.

Rain accepting his Golden Disk Award

Rain won the "Bonsang Award" (whatever that means) at the Golden Disk Awards for his efforts on Rainism. It's his first award since his 5th album comeback.

Watch Rain's performance at the 2008 Golden Disk Awards. DBSK seems to be groovin' to the music and enjoying themselves. Check out Yunho - he looks like he would like to join Rain on stage! Now, wouldn't that be a "special stage" ~ to have DBSK performing with Rain! :-)

Pics credit: Newsen, ISplus

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joo said...

love his performance !

Anonymous said...

he is in cebu Philippines right now..any idea where?

Anonymous said...

wow i'm speechless! He really deserve the world star tittle.He is very talented.

marie said...

Who was the guy with the red gloves snapping his fingers to the song at 7:59? XD That was too cute.
Good performance from Rain.

rawrsa said...

awesome :3
too bad no more magic stick anymore :<

jrs said...

11 days is from Rain's world album nt Rainism... this chair dance was also performed in his Rain's world tour...

Orchid said...

JRS!!! thanks. No wonder the song sounded so familiar. & now that you mentioned it, i vaguely remember the chair dance.

Anyway, thank you. Have made the correction in the entry above.


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