Thursday, 11 December 2008

Kim Ha-neul in a crystal dress

Bling, bling: Don't stand too close, or you might
get blinded

Designed by Ha Sang-baek, a purple dress with crystal finishings was seen on Kim Ha-neul. The On Air actress was at the Crystalized Swarovski Element shindig this afternoon in Seoul. She was selected as the Crystal Lady.

Awarded: Kim Ha-neul is a "Crystal Lady".
(What does that mean?)

Check out more pics.

Waist up: Simple dress, elaborate top

Top heavy?: Kim Ha-neul adjusts her stance
so she doesn't topple over

Source: MSN News


Orchid said...

Those lavender flowers look as if they are growing on her. A bit unsettling for me.

Amelia said...

Not loving the dress. It looks sort of like a late 80s/early 90s prom dress.

ana said...

i would like to see the back side of the dress.. coz i wonder how there's a flower on her shoulder. but the colour is gorgeous

jacA said...

loving her hairstyle <3

cheri said...

This is better than Andre Kim's gowns.


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