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Boys Before Flowers crashes in strong

Flower Boys (꽃남) or "kotnam" for short is doing very well

Kot-boda namja (꽃보다 남자) or Boys Before Flowers started airing on KBS2 earlier this month and it is currently at Episode 4. Unless you are totally oblivious to Korean entertainment, you would have known this because pictures or articles of the new Korean F4 have been popping up everywhere!

The highly anticipated drama has been getting very good response and ratings. Official ratings for episode 4 is a 21.4% high! Considering the last KBS2 drama in the Mondays - Tuesdays slot was Worlds Within, and not a single episode of its 16-episode run reached even double digit ratings. Only at the fourth episode, Boys Before Flowers has shown such good ratings. If the current trend remains, it will only go up and up.

Boys Before Flowers main cast, from left:
Lee Min Ho as Goo Joon Pyo 구준표 [Domyouji Tsukasa]
Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo 윤지후 [Hanazawa Rui]
Kim Bum as So Yi Jeong 소이정 [Sojiroh Nishikado]
Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin 송우빈 [Akira Mimasaka]
Goo Hye Sun as Geum Jandi 금잔디 [Makino Tsukushi]

Much of the success of Boys Before Flowers is the excellent performance given by Lee Min-ho (22). Lee plays the leader of F4, Goo Joon Pyo. When i first saw him prepped for the role, i thought his perm was atrocious. But then now that the shock is over, it kinda suits him and the role he plays.

Image Hosted by
Before and After:
Lee Min-ho before he became an F4 (left)
and on the right, rocking the perm

School friends going on a vacay

Love or hate: Joon Pyo and Jandi on an outing together.

Image Hosted by
These two have so much not in common.
Will they end up together?

Boys Before Flowers KBS Official website

Pics: Naver
References: Dramabeans, Dramawiki

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진혜인 said...

Arrgg... when is kbs world is going to show it???!!!!

Or it already shown???!!! O.o

According to my friend, the stories did mix some taiwan and japanese version, izzit true??!!!

Arrgg... I am dying to see it

elPasiRa said...

i love them!!!

yay said...

Gosh, Lee Min Ho's portrayal of Domyouji Tsukasa is so lovable. <3

And how many men can actually pull off that perm??! He certainly doesn't disappoint.

missmanderley said...

I am in love with this drama (and this is coming from someone who watched the taiwanese adaptations, both seasons of the japanese live action and japanese movie)

There was alot of skepticism about Lee Minho, simply because the character he is playing Goo Joonpyo (Domyouji Tsukasa in the original manga) is so iconic amongst the fans that it will be too painful to see it butchered... in a kdrama to boot.

Fortunately, LMH is frikkin' amazing... he really is the one that carries the drama! He totally deserves this meteoric rise into stardom (amazing that its only been 4 episodes aired) after being overshadowed by more "famous" friends like Jung Ilwoo (who will be headlining Return of Iljimae)... He's a lucky guy!

He totally rocks the pama (ahjumma perm), but equally hot when he straightens his hair in Episode 4!

*sorry for the long comment... -____-;; is a newly converted LMH fangirl*

erv said...

k-popped trio !!!

u guys should watch that series. it's superrrrr good!! watch it and you won't regret. (:

Anonymous said...

I like that last pic of Lee Minho. He's just sooo cute.

Orchid said...

hi erv & others...ya i feel like watching it now since everyone gave Lee Min Ho such rave reviews!!!

Maybe it will start airing after Worlds Within ends on KBS World.

lovehongki said...

super duper fantastic series...the most anticipated guys should watch it....very entertaining...and the plot of the story quite fast..I've read somewhere that kbs world will start airing it on 16th Feb 2009....let's hope it's true...

Orchid said...

@lovehongki that's good news =)

wawa said...

i'm currently watching it on mysoju (seriously can't wait til it airs on kbs world)!!! from the 1st episode, i already hooked with it!

basically BBF more closes to Meteor Garden since MG follows the HYD manga closely compare to the japanese, Hana Yori Dango!!! but i already realised that some plots were from HYD!

BBF have the advantage there by improving what were lack in taiwan & japanese versions!!!

LMH as GJP really hilarious! i think he really suits as GJP... but i'm looking forward on Kim Bum... his cuteness can't be resist :p

cheri said...

I really love the Korean version !
Lee Min Ho suits the Joon Pyo character so much,I just can't get over it.That perm looks good on him.

Sandrine said...

Hey hey hey!
They were shooting scenes in New Caledonia not too long ago, my island, where I currently live!
I'm so dejected having been unable to catch them while they were staying at the Meridien Hotel of the capitale!
I was really surprised that a k-version of Hana Yori Danga was gonna be launched, and now really looking forward to watch it!

Jenny said...

I have watched all the subbed episodes that have come and I think it's a nice version (better then Meteor Garden) but not better then HYD. I love Lee Min Ho he is so funny and adorable and he is the best part of the show.
Am I the only one who thinks he looks a little like Takuya Kinura ??

yay said...


yeah, LMH reminds me of Kimura Takuya in some angles. He also resembles Jerry Yan. LOL

If Inoue Mao carried HYD, it's definitely Lee Min Ho for BBF.

I love this drama and this is coming from a BIG HYD japanese version fan.

Anonymous said...

truly best thing in the world!!! these days, my 24 hours are filled with these guys I just can't help thinking about them! especially JoonPyo/Minho the male lead who plays domyoji character! His look is not your typical korean beautiful cutie pie, rather strong and charismatic, but as you get used to his looks, he will be on top of your list! for those of you want some infos, 꽃보다 남자 follows original manga with an unique kdrama twist.(actually for first few episodes, then k-version original story will kick in, I hope) they are on a rather fast pace and the actors and actresses are just too adorable! beside f4 and Jandi(Makino),other supporting actors/actresses seem just too famous to be on this drama actually!(I was very surprised to see Park Ji Bin to be in this drama as Jandi's lil brother)Although the producers are trying to tone it down so it will be appropriate for Korean audiences, still some scenes like almost-rape scene, bullying scene, JoonPyo forcefully grabbing Jandi by collar(I was very surprised to see this too,although I watched MatsuJun do this to girls in Hanadan all the time. maybe bc never heard of any Korean men do this) and what not brings out so many controversies. In fact some (looks like mainly male adults) say the whole drama is trash because it gives wrong sense of reality and beauty and social equality, but girls and women found it rather differently. They are being very understanding and say, "it's from manhwa(k-term for manga). what do you expect and why so serious?" lol. Enough of talk, but really, I think you should give it a try. you are going to love it lol

Anonymous said...

I saw the making film and heard that the original author of hana yori dango found Korean casting very very much satisfacting.

Candy said...

It is just.. simply said, The BEST DRAMA SO FAR! I am not disappointed ^^

Kttn said...

Ahh, reading the positive comments here, kinda surprisingly, makes me want to watch it NOW... At other blogs and places, the majority seems to be taking this series a little negatively, or rather so-so, which have given me patience to wait. I will be watching this series, it's just that I'm waiting for it to finish so I can watch it all straight to the end without needing to wait... but gah, the silly (not in a bad way) commenters here are pushing me to watch. ;P

Nope, I'll stay strong. I'll wait! XD

hanang. said...

u guys will update us on the airing date on kbs world rite???
pretty pleaseeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Siti said...

itt's refreshing even thougt that kind of story will never exist. even thought it exist it's 1 in a million hiks ...hiks (T T)

krizzamarie said...

i`m from philippines.
after they aired ( boys over flowers ) here..
i can`t erase their images nor their voices in my mind..
it looks like i`m very crazy bby this cuties performed as F4..
especially GU jun Pyo ( Lee Min Ho )
he hooked my heart..
i don`t know Lee min ho to say *i Love him* but i know the character of Gu Jun Pyo so i think they were the same. eh?
so what should i do?

i`ll just shout

i really love you
GU JUN PYO !! inluv..


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