Thursday, 15 January 2009

Rain cancels Shanghai concert

Oh dear, what happened? Well, I don’t feel so bad being Malaysian now – you know, the country where Kpop concerts are cancelled at the last minute? It could be that K stars are fussy pots after all.

What happened?: Why didn't the show go on?

Korean superstar Rain (real name Jung Ji-hoon) axed his Shanghai concert, which was supposed to be held on Jan 10. His company, J-Tune Entertainment only released an official statement on the matter on Jan 13.

The reason given for the cancellation is that basic preparations are not even ready. Hmm, sounds familiar, huh?

Hasn't Rain been quoted as saying that he would perform even if there were no stage and only ONE person in the audience? Didn't he say something like that during the cancellation of his Los Angeles concert?

Anyhoo, the J-Tune representative realises that the cancellation is an inconvenience to the Chinese Cloud but Rain’s Asia Tour is scheduled to go on, thus there will be ample opportunity to meet Rain.

Wrong. Not all fans have the time or money to stalk the superstar and be at all the venues he performs at. Rain, we love you but give us underdogs a break. Sheesh.

Fire: Rain tries to stamp out the fiery outrage of the
Chinese Cloud. Will he succeed? Grrr...rawrrrr!

Source: Newsen

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Orchid said...

Why 비? :-(

shinta said...

I think the decision has something to do with the event organizers themselves, it wasn't Rain's decision...something to do with breach of contract something..

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Rain was Rained Out????

아이스Aiseu said...

they said the organizers in shanghai is not well cancel off contract

Anonymous said...

It was not Rain's concert - it was a charity event organised by the Chinese and Rain was one of the invited performers. As usual, the Chinese organisers could not get the permit in time for the performance and cancelled the event. Rain was participating and donating the proceeds to the Charity event. I don't understand how this non-event has become such a BIG NEWS!!!

theblueseaside said...

It wasn't even Rain's concert!!!! What's up with sounding as if for the whole thing was cancled because of him...other chinese artists were involved in the concert tooo...not just him!! come one...

Anonymous said...

perform only if there's only one person in the audience? Haha... come on guys! You believe that? WHICH performer would do that??

I heard that most of the local organisers of Rain World Tour either went bankrupt or bled like crazy. I guess he won't be going to that many cities for the Asia tour.

And his stalkers are always the same people.


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