Saturday, 17 January 2009

Buy the Korean Dancer Tee

Remember this shirt?

Of course you do! How could you not? ;p

It's shoppy time!
Now you can buy the Korean Dancer Tee from our online store at! And this time, it ain't just for the ladies. We have shirts for the guys as well. That means you couples can get couple shirts! Aww, you're giving me cavities.

New colours!
Tangerine orange ain't your thing, eh? No worries, maybe the little dancer in black with her ruby red lips will coax you into having her on your back.

To our Malaysian friends - we are still looking into ways to bring you these shirts locally so that you won't have to pay those hefty shipping charges. Hang in there!

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EmpressPnai said...


I was wondering when yoiu guys would actually have this shirt up for sale. It's so cute! I will most definitely buy one.

Rachel said...

Excitedly I went to the online store without reading the whole entry - and when I tried to enter my address for shipping I realised it doesn't ship to Malaysia! ]x( Oh well. I shall wait patiently till it does! Great job girls!

-XioN- said...

i wannnnn... :D

Huda Y said...

Ohh,you girls are so awesome. I wanna get my hands on those shirts too!

Orchid said...

Hi all,

These shirts can be purchase at our Online Store for those residing in the USA.

But it is not shipped to Malaysia or Philippines. Singapore yes!

We are working to get our t-shirts to Malaysian readers. Hang in there!!

Thanks for your support!!


Dottie said...

Hahaha, UPS hates Malaysia!


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