Saturday, 17 January 2009

Tom Cruise promotes Valkyrie in South Korea

Superstar Tom Cruise visits Seoul! The 47-year-old is currently on tour to promote his latest flick Valkyrie.

Arrival: Hollywood superstar swoops
into Hallyuwood

Mr. Cruise arrived at Seoul’s Gimpo airport on Jan 16. He will be staying at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Namsan for 3 days and 2 nights.

Cruise, along with the film's director Bryan Singer and screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie, have a slew of events lined up. They have a hand printing ceremony on Jan 17 and press interviews and the movie’s premiere on Jan 18.

Annyeong haseyo!: 'You had me at 'Hello' Korea,
you had me at 'Hello.' ;-)

Cruise plays Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg in Valkyrie, which revolves around a plan to assassinate Hitler and overthrow his government from the inside. The movie opens in South Korea on Jan 22 and is tentatively scheduled for release in Malaysia on Feb 12.

This is Cruise’s 4th visit to South Korea. Previously, the actor was in Seoul to promote Interview with the Vampire (in 1994), Mission Impossible (in 2000) and Vanilla Sky (in 2001).

X marks the spot: 'So I just stand here and
do the celebrity thing, right?'

Mission Impossible: 'Man, how do I sign this when the
pen has run out of ink?'

Pick-up: 'Wanna ride?'

Mobbed: 'Wow, ALL of you need a ride?'

Hey you!: 'Yeah, I remember you from way back in 1994. Wassup?'



Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

You know, I'm not at all a Tom Cruise fan, BUT in the states, we have a TV channel called "The HISTORY Channel". It is usually pretty good. Last night they ran a two hour special about Valkyrie. This is about he German resistance, INSIDE of Germany, during WWII. these people were very brave, and very concerned. If I ever have the chance, on 20-July to be in Europe, I will honor them. This is a film I will watch.

selva said...

holy moly Tom Cruise is in ze house LOL I mean in Korea.
I'm not fan girling over him, it just the idea itself.
what the heck, I'm not even in Korea :P
anyway, I will definitely watch the movie... I love the story.

Anonymous said...

well... in the real story, the character has a sad ending.. i think i saw a drama about the German count plot to kill Hitler couldnt recall.. i remember watching that and googled it up to get more info on the "real" man.. and we all know how Hitler died.. heee

elise said...

Not a really big fan of him as well but no doubt he is still looks good for a 47 year old!

Dottie said...

OMG, I've been in love with this man since I was twelve and I'm in my 30s now but darn, he's still so freaking HAWT!!!!!!!!!!!!


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