Thursday, 1 January 2009

Dance Battle : JYP vs Rain

I'm black, you're white (or vice versa):
A Michael Jackson fan and
Donkey Kong on the dance floor

We were all anticipating the Rain - Colbert dance off back in April 2008. But did any of you get a whiff of a dance battle between JYP and Rain?

Who would have thought you'd see (once) master and protege on the same stage, in a dance battle! If you didn't know, before Rain set up his own entertainment company J. Tune Entertainment, he was with JYP Entertainment. JYP discovered and groomed Bi.

So check out this very very special stage on MBC's Music Festival, 31 December, 2008.

Wanna see another dance battle? Check out:
Rain vs. Stephen Colbert


Liz said...

Whoa, JYP's so energetic. He's like a bouncing black rubber ball. Kewl stuff :-)

birain said...

Look like they ain't rivals but friends! Good on ya JYP. Good on ya Rain!

Mona said...

Hehe yea there seems to be more fire in JYP's moves!

suatkuan said...

i still love Rain the most....

bbww said...

JYP still got it for a old guy! Go JYP :)

fraulein said...

Both men me likey !! ; )

Both men got the moves that I like!!

Is it me or has Bi's reddish hair turned brown? And his hair grows so fast.

daisyjane said...

Maybe Bi uses spray on hair color. His hair color changes every so often.

I like JYP's dancing but that outfit is so 80s.

shinta said...

Rain vs. Colbert dance-off is LEGEND! I nearly died watching it, I had to repeat watching it when it came out on youtube..I love Rain to death but Colbert owned the stage..especially with Colbert's pants..Can't stop laughing..

LMAO at how you described JYP as donkey kong..

fraulein said...

Rainism could well be Bi's Korean swansong and it is fitting that he capped his album promotions by sharing the stage with the man who made him.

Talk about coming full circle.

rainygirl27 said...

Can't get over how tired Bi has looked in the last few appearances he's done - somebody needs to make him take a rest! (I'd love to volunteer for that job...)

He's just such an amazing dancer - they both did well here - but considering how exhausted Bi must be it's incredible that he keeps giving 200% all the time.

h said...

I burst out laughing when I read "Donkey Kong." Perfect description. Yeah..JYP did have the gorilla swagger to him. And when Donkey Kong rejoices...yep..similar hop.


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