Friday, 2 January 2009

Seung Ri is not yet a man but a Strong Baby

Do you think I'm a man? Or perhaps a Strong Baby?

One by one...Big Bang members are venturing into solo careers. There was Taeyang giving his first solo concert back in July '08 and Daesang singing trot.

Now Seung Ri releases his new solo single Strong Baby (‘스트롱 베이비’). He's more buffed and claims to be a man, but alas, he does not quite reach the mark. Seung Ri looks more comfortable waving a giant fabric lollipop doing the "Wonderboy" thing rather than trying to sell us a strong masculine, sexy image.

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Seung Ri in Strong Baby. Inset: Seung Ri doing Wonderboy

Only in his teens - nineteen to be exact (but in Korean age, he's 20), Seung Ri is trying to create a sexier, more mature image in his newly launched MV for Strong Baby. The music video was launched on 01 January, 2009 at 12noon!
The MV features fellow Big Bang band mate G-dragon.

Check out Seung Ri in Strong Baby ~ guaranteed to make the fan girls faint.

Pics credit : Newsen


Anonymous said...

No...i think you have Seung Ri's age wrong. His birthday is on Dec. 10, 1990. So, in the American age, he would be 18 and 19 in the Korean age.

jane said...

yeah to me he is still a boy the cute maknae. but the boy got some abs no hahaha.

btw got some typo on the title 'stong'

Valerie said...

wow. that was so racy. so hot. it really made me see seung ri in a different way. he's growing up. i couldn't help but think he reminded me of justin timberlake. and then toward the end i thought of se7en too. he looks really good in those suits dancing in the vid. and damn, i didn't know he had all that definition going on under his shirt. hehe. gah! the temperature kicked up a bit towards the end. seksiii! i gotta watch it again. it has a good beat too.

Arin said...

It was a good solo debut for Seung Ri! dangg. the boy full of aegyos is now a grown man! xD
but I think he still looks innocent, I don't know why! haha.

btw, this song might be a big hit!
I really like the crack crack part. haha.

but yeah, it reminds me of JT too O_O

Liz said...

Whoa Seungri the playa? Not bad at all. I like his solo stint better than Daesung's trot one. Crack, crack, crack, crack. :-)

stefanie said...

lol@Daesang...most evryone always get his name wrong... XD

Seungri is a strong baby...not yet a man to me...he's still such a cutie babyyyy even in the MV... ^^

KATE said...


Anonymous said...

wow.... i actually liked it, i even bought into the image (not gdragon's though... he cant fool anyone trying to look though hehe)

didnt think i would, but i did, and very much. thanks for sharing!

btw if DBSK and Bi got censored, i wonder if he will as well.... i hope not, but it'd be "bs" if he doesnt


Ji-enne said...

And its weird to watch their CYON Ice-cream phone CF with Tae-hee after watching this mv O.0 Im still in shocked haha. He's been wanting to do this, so you go Seung-ri!

Anonymous said...

this mv reminds me too much of Justin Timberlake that it makes me dislike the song.
It's a combination of My Love, Lovestone, and Ayo Technology (the scenes in the car)
Even the way he dresses and the girls..
sigh. he needs to develop his own look..sorry. but...
GO Tae Yang!

BigBangxVip said...

I hate people who think hes
not macthed on what he does

Then what do u what him to do ?
commercials on icecream?

your not his manager so
shut up

Jason Paul Laxamana said...



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