Thursday, 22 January 2009

Fly to the Sky to release new album in Feb 2009

Barring any glitches, R&B duo Fly to the Sky(FTTS) will be dropping their 8th album in February. It will be called Decenium.

FTTS: Their latest - and 8th - album will be unleashed in Feb 2009

One-half of the pair Brian Joo left a message to his fans at the FTTS Eternity Forum recently. In it, the 28-year-old revealed that they have completed recording the album and are currently working on the final touches to the tracks.

“The album should most likely be out mid-February or even earlier. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that this one really tops the charts,” Brian wrote.

Going strong: Hwanhee (left) and Brian have been in
showbiz for 10 years

Fly to the Sky celebrated a decade in the music industry on Jan 10. Their latest album entitled Decenium alludes to their 10 years in showbiz :-).

Fly to the Sky celebrates 10th anniversary

Hwanhee spotted at airport


아이스Aiseu said...

oh! that's great! looking forward!

daisyjane said...

Brian Joo REALLY left a msg in the forum? Chinchia!!!??? =) I can't believe it. So nice of him.

coro said...

Hopefuly its a good one.. the songs in the 7th album were mostly remake songs and i was really happy when i heard tht one of the song (which i really like) that Hwanhee sang during his old days in xman is in it.. but it turn out that he sang it in another different version again, it didnt hook me. anywy, i'll be looking forward for the next album..

StaphyFoo said...
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StaphyFoo said...

Daisyjane, Brian did logged in to the forum ^^ *...well FTTS lovers please get urself a copy.."Decenium" will be different frm their previous album and going to be a good one~~coz they will try something new this time~`stay tune for the free listening to one of the song in Melon net this 29th Jan. And if FTTS Malaysian here that want to get a copy of the new drop by the forum shown in the article link for Pre-order....Thanks Kpop for spreading the album news around~~Love ya

Orchid899 said...

I don't like HH all that much any more. I don't know if it was just an act for WGM, but his prissy attitude is a turn off. And how could that rat trap be his real apartment?

StaphyFoo said...

Orcid899, Well that pretty much proven that HH is a good actor, is just a show...and he follow the script well..The apartment was not his real house, he bought another one and his parent living in..the one showing at WGM is a rented space..single guy doesn't need much space dun they? Is another way showing he is being humble though..

cyndy said...

Thanks Liz for the post.. Aww.. Orchid u r breaking my heart.. HH is my idol.. Although WGM show is a bit fake due to the scriptwriter, but HH is still very much a good actor.. He does live in that apartment. It was published all over China Baidu Bar. It's his singlehood apartment.(I am glad he is not a show off type of person). I am very much impress with his voice. Anyway, please do support their 8th Decenium album..

cyndy said...

If you like to orders the 8th Decennium album, please come to the FTTSE forum. Or here's the link>>
Our 1st batch orders are due to arrive by end of this month & we are collecting 2nd batch orders now. To all FTTS lovers, feel free to drop by the forum & enjoy news>>

Thank you..thks Liz, Orchid.


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