Thursday, 22 January 2009

Song Hye-kyo for Levi’s Lady Style

Legs: Song Hye-kyo is curvy-licious

Worlds Within star Song Hye-kyo “amazes” with her S-line and doe eyes in the latest adverts for Levi’s Lady Style jeans.

The 28-year-old nails the Curvy Doll concept of the photoshoot with her charm and quiet confidence. Pics below.

Comfy: Hye-kyo relaxes in her snug-fitting jeans

Curves: The actress gives her tush a 'lil push
for that much coveted S-line

Source: Newsen

YouTube Symphony Orchestra Project

Song Hye Kyo models for J
Song Hye Kyo wears her bowl cut with panache

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Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

I have Hye-Kyo's (we're on a "first name" basis, you know...) photo on my desk top. She is pretty enough to be like five or six women, built into one! HOW do they make them THAT pretty???

missironic said...

Wow..she's just so breathtakingly beautiful. I think the photographer must have enhanced more of her beauty.. She just seemed so flawless. :)

Anonymous said...

she so beautiful

Anonymous said...

Song Hye Kyo looks hot as always!


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