Saturday, 3 January 2009

Former Wonder Girl Hyeona makes a comeback

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Hyeona, an ex-Wonder Girl will return to the stage soon.
Watch out for her!

Former Wonder Girls member Hyeona (현아) will make a comeback in February '09. Hyeona used to be a member of JYP Entertainment's Wonder Girls before she left, and was later replaced by Yoobin.

Hyeona's management company, Cube Entertainment representative said "Hyeona is currently training hard and will make a comeback to the entertainment scene in end February with a new album." He also said that Hyeona is enthusiastic about her comeback and she will be showing vast improvements from her Wonder Girls debut days.
Hyeona is now managed by Cube Entertainment, a JYP Entertainment sister company.

Back in February 2007, Hyeona was part of Wonder Girls and they made a debut with the single The Wonder Begins. The group was just about to take off when Hyeona was plagued by health problems. She suffered from chronic enteritis (inflamation of the small intestine). Finally her health problems got the best of her and Hyeona had to leave Wonder Girls in July 2007. She was later replaced by Yoobin.

The article did not say whether Hyeona will be making a comeback as a solo singer or whether she will be part of a new girl group. We shall have to wait for more news on her.

Source & pic credit: Newsen


noV said...

she'll come back to the music scene with a new girl group... not solo...

eun ji said...

I actually like 현아 the best when they first debuted. She was the one that really stood out for me, so I'm looking forward to her group debut. ^^

JustSomeBooks said...

I am glad her health is better. I wish her well.

Anonymous said...

it's "HYUN-AH" not HYEONA.. what's HYEONA. sounds like... "HEY-YONA"

Lisa Lee said...

Great news actually... I was in Seoul last month for a holiday, the girls there are so fair and so tall, just being in the elevator they have very pretty lift / elevator attendants, tall, long legs and so prettyyyyyy. Sigh~ :)

P/S - I love kimchi by the way

Ji-enne said...

Yeah for Hyun-ah! (My preference of her name this way) Shes been my favourite WG and sad to see her leave the group due to her illness. Its great to see her coming back and I hope she is fine now :)

Nepurr said...

WAh Feb. 09...seems like maybe since she's in JYP's sister company she might make a special apperance at WG's concert?? heheh sorry that's just my wishful thinking!


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