Sunday, 4 January 2009

Sonyeoshidae goes Gee

Girls’ Generation a.k.a Sonyeoshidae (SNSD) is set release their first mini-album with the title song Gee.

For or Against: Are you gonna support SNSD's comeback with Gee?

This is a comeback of sorts for the 9-member girl group that has gone through a rather rocky 2008…and yes, we are talking about K-pop fans boycotting the group during the 2008 Dream Concert. (The girls received the silent treatment from other K-pop fans when they took to the stage. Brr...chilly in there, ain't it?)

What were the fans angry about again? It wasn’t stated at the Wikipedia site.

Set to put that sour episode behind them, the SNSD girls unleashed a teaser of their Gee MV on New Year’s Day. In it, the girls make like mannequins that come to life. (Watch it below.)

SNSD’s Gee will be released on Jan 5 while the mini album will go on sale on Jan 7.

Will the girls be getting your support, or are you still pissed off at them?

Source: Hankooki

2008 KBS Drama Awards - Highlights
(Yoona wins Best New Actress)


Miss Healerzz said...

Mehh..u dun wanna noe why the fans treat some silence~
I wish they will turns up better in this album to have more love

Hanneebuff said...

ooohhh...i've actually read about the silent treatment during the 2008 dream concert and my head was spinning from all the info overload. there was more than one reason why the fans of other groups organized the boycott.

Anonymous said...

i will be supporting them, missed the girls this year =( As far as the boycott goes, there were wrong doings from fans of both sides. But then again..Korean fans 'going over the top'?...never right? :p

Anonymous said...

heard their new single...not much of a comeback!!! disappointed..hope their mv will b better...

p/s when will they shed their cutie image???!!! they are so INNOCENT NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOTTTTTT!!!!

Ji-enne said...

I heard it @ YouTube and the 'Gee' part resembles Uhm Jung-hwa's DISCO dont you think? Quite disappointed with their comeback :/

Miss Healerzz said...

Humph. Watched too. Dissapointed for nothing is new.....
The song is addictive, but well.... There is nothing new.

Anonymous said...

The song is catchy but typical bubblegum kpop and their dance is definetely not as catchy as the Wonder Girls. Yoona, Yuri and the youngest all look kinda similar here...especially when it's all white and yuri and yoona are next to each other.


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