Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Hyun Bin feeds his co-star delicious steak

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Hyun Bin feeds Seo Hyorim (his co-star in Worlds Within)
some delicious garlic steak

Here, take a look at the new 2009 CF for Korea's Outback Steak House.

Hyun Bin returns to star in the series of CF, introducing the steak house's new year limited edition menu. This new limited edition menu will go on until February 28.

Hmmm...check out the new year limited menu featuring the Garlic Ribeye Steak here :

I am getting very hungry as i write this!! Oh how i wish i was in Seoul again. I would definitely visit the Outback Steak house in a flash.

Care for some steak?


Anonymous said...

오빠! feed me too!

wawa said...

arghhhh... he's so damneee cute!!!!


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