Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Band of Brothers make music

Band of Brothers a.k.a B.O.B: From left to right:
Heechul, Kangin, Jay and Jungmo

SuJu’s Heechul and Kangin along with Trax’s Jay and Jungmo are the Band of Brothers, one of SM Entertainment’s (SME) side projects.

I guess you can’t blame SME for having side projects since there are so many talents available in the agency. Why not just mix and match them, huh? So fun, wheee!

Anyway, the Band of Brothers came together for a showcase at Hongik University on Jan 13 at 5pm. It was recorded for Mnet. The quartet had been practising for the showcase for the past three months.

Whoops: Jungmo (centre) plays the wrong chord and gets
a nasty look from Heechul (left).

Heechul banged on the drums while Kangin played a mean riff on bass. Meanwhile, Jay serenaded the crowd while Jungmo strummed the guitar.

The showcase will be aired on the Mnet channel on Jan 23.

No, fellow Malaysians, we will not get to watch it on TV...yet.

Bad breath?: Heechul had too much
garlic for lunch

Rock ya: Jay brings the house down

Showing brotherly love: SHINee opens the show for B.O.B.

Source: Newsen


Orchid said...

Can somebody tell my why Heechul is wearing that Silence of the Lamb like mask?

silveraven said...

er...because it's a trend in korea maybe? :p

T.O.P from Big Bang does that sometimes too.

Anonymous said...

"Heechul had too much
garlic for lunch"

hahaha.. liar! i think it's just a trend in Korea.

진혜인 said...

hahahah... hei... it has been long time i din hear any news about the Trax... i thought SM is going to kick them out... THank god, Finally got a little tiny winny news about them... and I am glad they are still with SME!!!

Thanks for sharing the info

nanienooraini said...

yeah, t.o.p fr big bang has been spotted wearing that mask too... a trend in korea, eh? eeeekkkk, freaky! by the way, what is it called in korean?

h said...

The mask looks very J-Rockish..or Visual Kei to be precise. Isn't Heechul into heavier rock music? Some Asian Motorcycle gangs also wear those masks to hide their identity and to look "cool." So it's probably just to look cool and mysterious and quirky. I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Umm...Heechul was just's pretty common in Korea to wear masks if you catch a cold. Being the weirdo he is (XD), Heechul had the mask embroidered on with the Chinese character "希" (Hee) which is part of his chinese name.

Born4catz said...

Ah-ha! I recognize that dance anywhere. Heechul is totally doing the SNSD Gee dance! I guess it's probably a favorite of his, I've seen him do it on various youtube videos. ^_^ His Intimate Note rendition was the best by far.


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