Monday, 19 January 2009

Joo Ji Hoon in Don Juan The Musical

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Please come and support me in Don Juan!
It will be my first time in a musical.

Joo Ji-hoon (Goong) will be debuting on the musical stage in the Korean production of Don Juan (돈주앙). Joo will play Don Juan, the legendary fictional libertine. He will assume the lead role but will alternate with musical actors Kim Da-hyun and Kang Tae-eul. Korean actors will take the acting (speaking) roles, while dancing will be performed by 13 authentic Spanish flamenco dancers!

If you are in Seoul and want to catch this musical, it runs from 6 Feb - 8 Mar, 2009. If you would like to especially catch Joo Ji-hoon on stage, well, don't ask me how. I guess you've got to check who's playing the lead for that particular show! Do tell us if you went for this and enjoyed it.

Dancers and the three Don Juans

The three blokes who will take turns playing Don Juan.
With that tan and slight mustache, Joo certainly looks the part.
The other two would probably need a spray on tan! ;-)

Pics credit: Asia Economy, Paran
Source: Dramabeans

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marianne said...

joo ji-hoon really looks the part. but as they say, its more difficult to ac in a play, let's just wish him all the best.

and by the way, you have a typo on the last photo caption, "spay" i guess you meant "spray".

you know me, i'm all after the captions, it makes my day! cheers to you girls! *hugs*

Orchid said...

thanks marianne :-)


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