Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Kim Kang-woo and Park Shi-yeon promote Marine Boy

The director and cast of action-packed thriller Marine Boy were out and about this afternoon promoting the flick.

Making a splash: (l-r) Director Yoon Jong-suk, Cho Jae-hyun,
Kim Kang-woo and Park Shi-yeon talk Marine Boy.

Actors Kim Kang-woo, Park Shi-yeon, Cho Jae-hyun along with director Yoon Jong-suk met the press at 2pm today.

Kim, who starred in Shikgaek, had to undergo intensive training for his role as a swim instructor who turns to drug smuggling to pay off his debts.

Love triangle: Who gets the girl?

To prepare for his Marine Boy role, the 31-year-old underwent 5 months of weight training, swimming and scuba diving.

In the midst of all the action is a love triangle between the Marine Boy, his moneylender friend (played by Cho Jae-hyun) and a lass named Yoori (Park Shi-yeon).

Marine Boy is swimming into cinemas in South Korea on Feb 5.

Fielding questions: 'If Marine Boy does well in theatres, it will have
a TV spin-off called Jungle Girl, and later Mountain Mama.' :-P

Source: Newsen

Kim Kang-woo is Marine Boy

Shikgaek opens in Singapore on Jan 10 (Kim Kang-woo visits Singapore in Jan 2008)


Dottie said...

She was such a beautiful girl before she plastify her face...

So sad...

Anonymous said...

wow ... Cho Jae Hyun! i love him. Park Shi Yeon is certainly plastic (who isn't in Korean entertainment business) but i think she's improved a lot in her acting and quite a good actress now.


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