Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Shin Mina to work on movie Billion next

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The hardworking actress photographed during an interview on Osen

Shin Mina's up and coming movie Kitchen (키친) opens in South Korea on 5th February, 2009.

Shin Mina (A Love To Kill) has worked with co-star Joo Ji Hoon twice. The first time was in the 2007 drama Devil (마왕). Kitchen is their second project together.

Last year, the 25 year-old actress was in the movie Go Go 70s. Without taking a break, Shin Mina will be filming the movie Billion (10억). The movie, directed by Jo Min-ho is a story about eight men and women who participate in a survival game. The prize is a billion won! Sounds very much like Survivor to me. The movie is a thriller and it is based in Australia.

Shin Mina will be leaving for Australia to film the movie end of February.

Pics credit: Osen

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1 Comment:

jicks said...

Sounds more like an indirect rip off of "Battle Royale" to me...

But anyways! Anyone know where abouts in Australia they'll be filming?


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