Monday, 26 January 2009

Kim Kang-woo sets hearts a flutter with Marine Boy

Smooth: Do I look suave to ya, girl?

The movie about a drug smuggling swimmer hasn’t even hit theatres yet, but the Korean press is already abuzz about its lead actor.

Kim Kang-woo (Shikgaek) has been given heartthrob status, thanks to glimpses of his sculpted physique in Marine Boy.

Apparently, fangirls are fawning over the 31-year-old who portrays a muscled swimmer who transports drugs from South Korea to Japan by swimming across borders.

What do you think, does Marine Boy Kim Kang-woo float your boat or sink it? Here are some of his many looks courtesy of a recent photoshoot.

Handsome: 'Yeah, this is my money shot
right here.'

Surprised: 'I do "shocked" pretty well too.'

Thumbs up: 'I look good from the side, no?'

Nerdy: 'Step aside, Harry Potter...expelliarmus!'

The name's Kim, Kang-woo Kim: 'Shaken, not stirred.'

Relaxed: 'Come any nearer and I'll spear you
with my sharp-tipped shoes.'

Source: Hankooki

Kim Kang-woo and Park Shi-yeon promote Marine Boy
Kim Kang-woo is Marine Boy
Shikgaek opens in Singapore on Jan 10 (Kim Kang-woo visits Singapore in Jan 2008)


Arin said...

have to agree.
before this I knew about him, but never really paid attention to him as an actor.
But after watching the trailer of Marine Boy, he appears to be different than before. haha.

This movie is definitely in my list to watch.

Anonymous said...

Whoa ! At first i read the name and looked at the pic from afar i thought it was Kwon Sang woo. In some angles he kinda looks like him

Erin! said...

HAHHAAH i Love the captions


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