Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Korean Hair Products

Hey hey hey, how's everyone doing after the Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year)?

What did you do over the New Year holidays? It is customary to visit relatives and vice versa (it's the only time of the year when uninvited relatives come over to our home one after another). I was happily taking a break and did not log onto the Internet for a good three days! Spent most of my free time reading the TWILIGHT series by Stephenie Meyer (and loved it by the way!).

So what did you do over the new years?

Well, i'm back now, and Liz is glued to the tv watching a Rain special on Channel [V]'s Video Scope!

During our trip to Seoul in November '08, i brought back Korean hair products from Skin Food. I figured, since Koreans have such nice hair - most of them have a good head of thick black hair no? -- their hair products must be worth checking out.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Skin Food's Applemango Volume Essence Mist
and Oriental Scalp Tonic

I got the Applemango Volume Essence Mist and Oriental Scalp Tonic. The former is to give my fine hair more volume. You spray the hair mist on dry or semi-dry hair before styling. I love this and it works like a dream. Besides the tangy apple - mango scent is delightful and a great pick-me-up in the mornings!

The Oriental Scalp Tonic on the other hand is for hair loss prevention and hair growth. Yes i could do with more hair! This one has a spicy smell. You spray it onto your scalp and then massage it in. The problem with this hair tonic is that it feels slightly sticky after application. It makes my hair look greasy. So i only use this before showering. I can't stand the stickiness. I only started using this, so i can't tell you the results.

A quick visit to one of the Skin Food outlets here in Malaysia tells me that they have the Oriental Scalp Tonic in stock, but not the Applemango Volume Essence Mist.


Jessen said...

I tot this blog is talk about Korean pop star. Who knows you recommend skin product too :) Do you recommend baby product too? hehe, if you do, visit my website ya, http://www.mybaby.com.my/

Anonymous said...

i actually love reading about your product recommendations heheh

i hope you do more and branch out into other asian products as well - - thanks and keep up the good work!

joker13 said...

there's a skin food shop on the 1st floor at Cineleisure Damansara..i didnt know it was a korean product!

selva said...

welcome back ^^ wow you didn't login to the internet for 3 consecutive days lol I can't ever do that hahah
thanks for the recommendation, unfortunately, there's no chance I find these products in my country (Egypt). Maybe I should look more. I absolutely need both of them especially the one to stop the hair loss :(

nanienooraini said...

apart from cineleisure d'sara, where else can i get skin food products? m fr ampang, so hope there's an outlet nearby... i dun see it in klcc... could it be in pavilion? affordable or expensive?

E-Jo said...


if you just posted that like 2 weeks ago i would have bought some when i was in the philippines
since i've seen skin food stores in the malls
now im in here in canada with my average hair

Liz said...

Hi nanienooraini, apart from the Skin Food Outlet in Cineleisure, Damansara, there is one in 1 Utama - new wing, Lower Ground floor, if I'm not mistaken.

I think Sunway Pyramid also has a Skin Food outlet. The products are pretty affordable.

Other Skin Food products we have blogged about are the BB Cream and Tea Tree Cleansing Emulsion (http://k-popped.com/2008/09/skin-foods-aloe-sun-bb-cream.html)

Anonymous said...

@ anienooraini,
MidValley also has a SF outlet. Pavillion not so sure.

other than SF, u can also buy korean product from the Face Shop.

Insyirah said...

Skin Food is awesome!! Ive been using their facial cleanser for a yr plus and didnt even realise it was a korean brand. haha

Anonymous said...

Pavilion got one, Sungei Wang (Level 3) as well as at new JJ Keramat also got one.

|| Lyññ || said...

Hey! I love SF products... I used it for less than 2 months and my skin was much much softer... Sadly, I had breakouts... darn... but my skin really became softer... I used the peach sake line =)

I was just admiring korean ppl's hair just now... SO JEALOUS!! Frizz free and it's soooo silky smooth!

haha... thanks for the review...

nanienooraini said...

thx for d info, liz & anonymous! i'll go to jj keramat to check them out hehehe~~

by d way, hv u guys tried 'toc toc' from korea? it's a whitening & wrinkle repair, blemish balm & tinted cream - yeah all in one! it comes in medium and high coverage :) i saw the add in cleo mag and got the high coverage from sasa, klcc. get one... everyone has been saying i've got a smoothly glowy complexion hehehe~~

peepoo said...

i know this is a post about korean haircare products but i just wanted to comment on your reading of the TWILIGHT books. have you read the whole series...all four books? if so...your thoughts???

Vai Yoong said...

I love your reviews. One of them which I have bought from Skin Food is the BB Cream. I loved that too. You girls are reading Twilight too? I thought I was the one obsessed with it. Erm, and also my younger cousin. My other friends are not as entusiastic about it as I was. I've finished reading the whole series before X'mas in 2008 just after the movie was released.

Orchid said...

@nanienooraini Yes there is a Skin Food outlet in Pavilion.

@peepo and Vai Yoong. I just finished reading the first two books - Twilight and New Moon. I wanted to buy book 3 (Eclipse) & 4 (Breaking Dawn) but it ran out of stock at all the Borders outlets here in KL before i could get my hands on it. Grrrr...now searching for them...can anyone tell me where can i get it?

@Peepo, as you can tell, i am absolutely hooked. :-)

I haven't seen the movie though. I think i want to read all the books first before seeing the show.

Liz said...

Yoo hoo, I also wanna join in the Twilight talk.

I just finished the first book and I really liked the exciting cat and mouse game between Bella and gang and the tracker.

peepoo said...

Orchid...ooh, i'm not sure where you can find books 3 & 4 in KL. i know amazon has all of them and there's a big book store in the states called barnes & nobles that also carry all of them. do you have these options in KL? although, maybe you're better off just stopping with books 1 & 2 so you don't get disappointed! :) but you're probably like me and you HAVE to finish what you started cuz you HAVE to know how it ends so you'll end up finishing the series. :) although you might be in the group of fans who love the entire series including Breaking Dawn. i put up with all the flaws in the books (the horrible and cheesy writing for example) b/c i was hooked on the storyline and of course the kdrama-like love story between edward and bella. i whipped through the first two books but burned out on the last 2..took me forever to finish them...i skimmed through a lot of parts. Breaking Dawn was pretty awful. but you should definitely watch the movie! the acting is really bad but edward is frickin HOT!!! the filming of New Moon is almost starting and since i skipped almost the first half of the book b/c the writing is so long-winded, i'm currently reading the parts i missed so i'm good to go when the movie comes out. :)

Liz...i think Twilight is the best book in the series. Stephanie Meyers also has the first half of her rough draft of Midnight Sun up on her website. you should read it b/c it's Twilight but in Edwards perspective..it's in his first person. Midnight Sun was suppose to be the 5th book but SM has stopped writing it b/c the rough draft got leaked online. i think it's pretty good. things get a bit more exciting in New Moon and Eclipse but then (IMHO) it crashes and burns in Breaking Dawn. but like i mentioned to Orchid..you both should watch the movie. i realized that the Twilight series and movie are so extremely popular b/c it's pretty much a k-drama! and there's nothing like it in mainstream media for the young generation.

let me know what you think. i would love to hear your opinion on the series & movie after you finish them!

Orchid said...

@peepo I got Eclipse & Breaking Dawn already. Bought it from a bookstore called MPH (Midvalley branch). The Twilight Saga books are selling like hot cakes!

I am currently reading Eclipse (book 3). I loved the first book Twilight -- just couldn't put it down! After reading Twilight, i decided that i've just got to finish the series. The second book was okay for me too. I can understand when you say long winded because Edward was away a whole lot in that book.

I don't find Stephenie Meyer's writing cheesy though. In fact i like her easy reading style and writing. hehehe...

My friend who read the book did mention about the flaws - like when the characters don't stay in character etc...

Oh well, Peepo, if you want to talk more on Twilight, look me up on Facebook! :-)


ps: Haven't seen the movie!! Yikes...yeah will get down to that soon. =)

Oh yeah, i keep "bumping" into spoilers when i am surfing or checking out FB groups. That's so irritating. :-P

Anonymous said...

How much was the Applemango Volume Essence Mist in Malaysia?

Nell said...

I LOVE Skin Food. It's my favorite brand house of all the Korean skin care shops like The Face Shop, Missha, Innisfree, Etude House etc.
Their products are really high quality for a really affordable price!! My favorite is their Rice Wash-off mask. It really leaves your skin soft and silky, the texture is gorgeous and it helps to brighten your complexion as all rice water does. :)
I also love their Cucumber & Lettuce range as well as the Tomatoes line.


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