Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Lee-teuk of Super Junior visits Son Jae-hee

Son Jae-hee is battling cancer. The 12-year-old appeared on Star King in May 2008 and serenaded the crowd. At the same time, she fulfilled her dream of meeting the show’s host Kang Ho-dong.

Lee-teuk (left) and Jae-hee

Son Jae-hee was diagnosed with brain cancer on her birthday in 2007. She underwent two operations and 10 chemotherapy treatments and became much better; so much so that she appeared on the SBS variety program.

However, in December 2008, Son Jae-hee’s health took a turn for the worse. The tumor is back and it is spreading.

Super Junior’s Lee-teuk, who played the keyboard for little Jae-hee during her Star King appearance, visited the girl recently. He left her a personal message in an autographed CD (pic below).

Lee-teuk isn’t the only one who has visited Jae-hee. Kang Ho-dong dropped in on Jae-hee on Dec 23 last year. His visit was recorded for a Star King episode. Check out the clip below…before it is yanked off the Net.

Source: MSN News


asdf said...


Anonymous said...

woah.. the video make me cry..
that was so sweet..
lets us prayed for her..

RKQS12 said...

I remember her. TT_TT I really hope she gets better.

Orchidyaldix said...

oh my gosh....that is so sad...poor little girl...going through so much at such a young age...Jae Hee Hwaiting!

Anonymous said...

I cried so much to this video. I just feel so sad for children at such a young age that have to go through such difficult times. Just makes me take my life into perspective and it just makes me thankful for all I have and my health. I'll definately be praying for her recovery. Ho-Dong was so sweet to her and Lee-Teuk too for visiting.

Anonymous said...

my prayers for her and her family! i totally understand what her family must be feeling - my mom had breast cancer which spread all over and she had tumors in her brain as well. radiation therapy is not fun! and at such a young age! bless her heart!

and bless ho dong and teukie for visiting her to keep her spirits high! :) I also heard that super junior's fans went and donated blood for her! hope she gets better soon!

Tekkaus said...

Hopefully she'll get well soon! It's great to know that they visited her to boost her morale. =)

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

And many thanks to Lee Teuk of SUJU. But you know what, I see a LOT of very nice people putting posts here. There are a helluva lot of very good people hanging around this little blog. Thank you guys!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i truly hope she gets better and i hope more stars will reach out like that~


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