Monday, 5 January 2009

Min-woo & Amy: from make belief to real life couple!

Amy & Min-woo are in love

For those of you who don't know, Lee Min Woo (이민우) is now officially dating Amy (에이미). Shinhwa hearthrob Lee Min Woo and "Bad Diary 3" heroine Amy were paired up on-screen on KBS 2 Happy Sunday's Kko Kko Sightseeing single show (꼬꼬관광 싱글싱글). It's a show where couples are paired up to see if they like each other enough to go on to the next stage. If they do, the lady can pick her man again. But if she does not like him, she could select someone else, or decide to leave the show!

Min-woo and Amy were paired up with each other and they hit it off on the show. Spending time with each other sightseeing on the show led this star couple to a real life romance!

It seems that Min-woo and Amy has made their relationship public as they were spotted dating at Seoul's Chongdam Dong on the 3rd January, 2009 at 6pm.

Don't you think they make a cute couple?

Min-woo and Amy going diving together on the 꼬꼬 show

They kiss underwater too...oh so romantic

Enjoying each other's company after the dive

Source: Newsen

Pics credit: Newsen, JK News


Anonymous said...

I think shes alright..
but Minwoo could have done much better
just my opinion :)

hanang. said...

i watched them on kko kko single2
thing on kbs!!
i love disss
but i missed the second part
thanks for notifying!!!

*fizzy* said...

what a lovely couple..
i saw the prog once during happy sunday..
they still have it?
because lately i only saw 2 progs in happy sunday.
one of them is my all time fav 1N2D.

aya said...

aww!they are so adorable.. best wishes for them :)

Anonymous said...

i wish them all the best~!!

Amy ya~!! take care of this boy ok?? hahah
Minwoo oppa~ behave yourself! xP

daisyj said...

They look adorable together. Both so petite! Happy for them.

Anonymous said...

i bet they like each other for real. from the photos, thus far.... he likes her more?? i dunno. it's just photos and i know it's not a real marriage but if you're with the same person for certain amt. of time, you start to get attached and obviously there is chemistry going on too.

Veronin said...

Sweet couple..
All the best for Oppa and Amy!

Anonymous said...

i dont watch it.. but i think they make a cute tiny couple.. lol they're adorable.. <3


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