Sunday, 18 January 2009

Oh Ji-ho at the 2009 Asia Model Festival Awards

Mr. Dimples is all smiles after bagging the Model Star Award along with Han Ji-hye at the 2009 Asia Model Festival Awards.

Happy: 'Thanks for the bouquet. I'm sending
it to Liz - with all my love - right away.' :-P

The event, which was held at Seoul’s COEX Convention Hall on Jan 15, awarded beautiful people for being…well, good looking.

Winners: A sheepish-looking Han Ji-hye (left) shares
a light moment with Oh Ji-hunk

Guess what? Malaysia was represented at the event as well!

Our lucky compatriots who got to rub shoulders with the tall and beautiful of Hallyuwood were models Ikhwan and Tini.

Congratulations on the win, guys. Didja get up close and personal with Mr. Dimples? :-)

Malaysia Boleh!: Tini makes her acceptance
speech while Ikhwan looks on

Source: Newsen

Oh Ji-ho in charity fashion show

Oh Ji-ho holds fan meeting in Japan

Oh Ji-ho and Daniel Henney play basketball


harley said...


Hey Zio Lady

When are you and Mr. Dimples going to sit down for a long talk? I'm looking forward to seeing this happen with photos please.
I think Zio would really enjoy meeting you.

Thank you Liz for the post & happy Oh Ji-hunk photos.

Soompi Zio Lady

Anonymous said...


i guess, unlike orchid, you're not a Song Il Gook fan :P

he won an award too :)

but i think there are too many awards and ceremonies in seoul. good for the fans as they get to ogle their idols; good for the actors/actress as these awards bolstered their rankings.

but does anyone takes all this awards seriously?

yes, im a SIG fan :))

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz

When I saw Mr Dimple gorgeous photos on the award event posted in Soompi OJH, I replied back asking if Liz of k-popped would also write an article of Mr Dimple.
I was not mistaken!!!
Thank You so much for your lovely
commentary and photos of Zio.
I hope someday you could get up close and personal and do an interview with Mr Dimple.

Love Tini ( how tall is she) and also hunky Ikhwan (who is he)photo.

BTW have you ever received that bouquet from Zio...

Another Soompi Zio Lady

marianne said...

hello ladies... this always makes my day! i just can't seem to get enough of what you write with the photos. ;)
and yes, hope you can get that interview with Oh Ji-ho one day. we're all looking forward to that. keep up the good work! *hugs*

joker13 said...

who is ikhwan anyway?

Liz said...

Good morning everyone! :-) Hello harley & Luvlilady...yeah, I could not pass up the chance to write about Oh Ji-ho :-)

Well, if an interview ever happens, I would be on Could Nine...for the rest of my life :-P.

Thank you fellow Zio ladies for the kind comments ;-)

And dear Anonynous (SIG fan), Song Il-gook is alright...and yeah, I'm not that big a fan of his as Orchid :-P

Orchid said...

You mean "cloud nine" ya? :-)

Yeah, Liz is not watching Kingdom of the Wind. hahaha...

Liz said...

uh huh, yeah orchid I meant Cloud Nine...see, I get so excited just thinking about it, I can't type correctly. :-P

Hey, I may not be watching Kingdom of the Wind but I watched another SIG show - Emperor of the Sea. All 5 minutes of it. He spoke Mandarin.

Orchid said...

Who's watching Emperor of the Sea on KBS World? What time does it come on? I heard SIG plays the baddie in that drama! He's so talented. * swoons *

Anonymous said...


If you would be in 'cloud nine'
it will be 'orxxxmic' for me..haha



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